What is the first sight a soul may experience on arrival in heaven and what accounts for possible differences?

We have before talked about the different–we do not like using the word levels or stages–but on earth that is how you can best envision what we talk about. So there are many different phases that a spirit goes through before becoming its final spirit energy form. Those that are crossing over are initially met by family and loved ones. Oftentimes even before they have been declared dead on earth, but it is imminent, they will find that they have spirits there with them to help with the shock of changes in the energy vibrations they will be moving from. You have a total sense of release when you leave your body and begin your crossing over journey. This journey again takes many different forms because, though you are now spirit and you are out of your body again, we say you are still bound to earth for a period of time and it would be too much of a shock even to your spirit to move into its final form of energy. So you have loved ones to meet you who are vibrating at a much higher energy than what you are at your initial crossing . You will be in many different colors and degrees of light. But you are cushioned by all the love you are greeted with.

Are there surroundings that are earthlike?

When you have finally made that cross over from earth and are in “heaven”, you are allowed to experience heaven as you would like to think of heaven being and that has to do with many different conscious levels. Initially your heaven experience is still an experience of something that you connected with when you were on earth. You eventually move beyond that sense of earth pleasures and begin to move within your own spiritual consciousness and spiritual place.

What is the role of the spirit guide in the arrival of the soul in heaven?

Your spirit guide is such as an overseer of bringing together all your loved ones because many of the people that you have been in contact with on earth are at various levels of spiritual consciousness. Spirit guide is able to bring these different spiritual consciousnesses together to help greet you, to help welcome you and bring you over. Spirit guide is there to continue their direction and guidance and helping you as you make this change from earth to the other side.

And of course you make your presence known to the arriving soul as a visual entity or as something that can be seen and experienced ?

We make our presence known in many different ways depending upon the spiritual consciousness of the individual. If you will notice we have said throughout this questioning time–we have often referred to an individual spiritual consciousness and that is because that is what so much affects how one experiences their crossing over.

What is the emotional state of the arriving spirit in heaven? How do they feel?

Again that has to do with their spiritual consciousness. Initially they still have much, as we have said, earthbound energies and connections and can bring forth some of that with them. And it takes the assistance of your spirit guide and your loved ones to help you understand your new form. Though you do not carry pain with you, and when you cross over, you do not take the anger and bitterness with you, you will oftentimes be quite confused as to your new experience because, though it is nothing like what you experienced on earth, you are still able to realize that you are continuing on. Oftentimes in mass and sudden deaths the new spirits are confused

What knowledge do we take with us after death to the afterlife?

You take all of your knowledge with you–everything you have learned through books, everything you have learned through your experiences, everything you have learned through your emotions, for these are all things that help you evolve as a spirit.