Everyone has a secret addiction. They might not be obvious, but once you find your sign in this handy list you’ll soon find out what your hidden addiction is. Don’t be scared, just because it’s an addiction doesn’t mean it’s destructive! (Click Tabs Above or Drop Down Menu Bar on your smartphone for more Blogs, Rates and More Pages!)

Aquarius, 1/20 – 2/18 ~ Deep Thinking

Aquarius is the 11th sign of the Zodiac. The intellectual Aquarius always needs to have an occupied mind. As an Aquarius you might often find yourself caught up in a good book, a difficult puzzle, challenging schoolwork, or anything else that can occupy your inquisitive mind. Often times this can include a deep conversation with a close friend, as the Aquarius is normally very talkative.

Pisces, 2/19 – 3/20 ~ Over-Caring

The Pisces is the 12th sign of the Zodiac. Pisces are quite sensitive and caring. Pisces often assume the role of caretaker due to this deeply caring nature. A Pisces can’t see someone suffer and not offer their help. This can lead to less time to take care of him or herself.

Aries, 3/21 – 4/19 ~ Chatting

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac. Aries are adventurous and outgoing. An Aries is quite likely to be on social media all day long. Texting with friends is more than an addiction for an Aries its a way of life.

Taurus, 4/20 – 5/20 ~ Luxury Items

Taurus, the second sign of the Zodiac, is a strong bull. The determined bull is set to become emotionally and financially secure. However, this doesn’t mean that the Taurus doesn’t have an addiction. Part of the reason the Taurus pursues financial stability is so that they can afford the luxury goods they so deeply crave. Jewelry, clothing, fine cars, exotic foods – whatever the Taurus desires, it is sure to be the best if they can afford it.

Gemini, 5/21 – 6/20 ~ Going to the Mall

The Gemini is the third sign of the Zodiac and they’re considered to be adventurous and full of fun. The Gemini likes to stay ahead of the crowd and they’ve likely bought the newest trends. While Gemini’s might love the shopping and tend to be trendsetters, they love to bump into their friends and people they know while they’re doing it. That’s why, even if a Gemini isn’t planning on buying anything, you might find them at the mall.

Cancer, 6/21 – 7/22 ~ Toxic Friendships

As a Cancer, the fourth sign of the Zodiac, you’re likely to be somewhat of a sensitive person. This sensitivity often displays itself the development of toxic relationships. The compassionate and family oriented Cancer is likely to try to hold these relationships together regardless of how toxic or negative they may be.

Leo, 7/23 – 8/22 ~ Selfies

The Leo, which is the fifth sign of the Zodiac, is the sign of the lion. You are very confident, bordering on arrogant. You think you look good, probably because you do. What is the purpose of working hard on your look without showing the world? You might not post every selfie you take, but you’re certainly taking them. Your favorite social media platform probably has more than a few cute selfies and there are going to be a lot more to come.

Virgo, 8/23 – 9/22 ~ Caffeine

Virgo, the sixth sign of the Zodiac, is the most analytical sign. You are very mindful and you’re intent on improving yourself and those around you. Your constant need to keep going has everyone comparing you to the Energizer bunny. While many prefer coffee, many Virgos go to other great lengths to get their caffeine fix. You might often find a Virgo knee-deep in cans of energy drinks after a late night of work or study.

Libra, 9/23 – 10/22 ~ Isolation

The seventh sign of the Zodiac is the Libra. The Libra is diplomatic and non-confrontational in nature. The Libra’s ability to avoid conflict and create a positive environment causes them to sometimes act like a bit of a hermit. Libra’s can be homebodies due to their desire for a harmonious and easy-going environment.

Scorpio, 10/23 – 11/21 ~ Drama

The eighth and most intense sign of the Zodiac is the Scorpio. Your intensity causes you to literally be addicted to drama. Whether you get it from your personal life or vicariously through the stories of others or perhaps your favorite soap-opera, you’re probably in love with drama. The only thing that would tear a Scorpio away from a dramatic movie might be a juicy personal story.

Sagittarius, 11/22 – 12/21 ~ Exploring

The Sagittarius is the Ninth sign of the Zodiac. The Sagittarius is addicted to trying new things. Ideally for a Sagittarius this could mean travelling the world. Although, many are quite happy exploring their own back yard. The Sagittarius has probably tried everything where they live and are more than eager to find more. The spontaneous and free-spirited Sagittarius is addicted to seeing things they haven’t seen before.

Capricorn, 12/22 – 1/19 ~ Stubborn Ways

The 10th sign of the Zodiac is the stubborn Capricorn. While a Capricorn is hard-working and ambitious they’re also very stubborn. A Capricorn will work very hard – but they will do it their way. The Capricorn is often described as responsible and reliable because they rarely change their ways. While this may be good in most cases, Capricorns are often addicted to this singular way of thinking.