Your Astrological Sign’s Forecast For The Month of July ~ Billy Caputo


Aries:  July is perfect for fixing up the home front, dear Aries.  With a slew of planets transiting your 4th house, you can begin tending to home projects – or your loved ones. It’s possible that both need your attention at this time. The New Moon on the 4th, gives the green light to finally start ripping out weeds or renovating that room that has been in sore need of an update.  It’s also a perfect day for a family gathering – host the fireworks at your place this year and bring the whole clan together!  Mid-month the attention moves from the domestic sphere and into the romantic when Venus and Mercury enter the fiery sign of Leo and your 5th house of amour. The next few weeks are perfect for adding some spice to your love life.  You may meet an intriguing new paramour who speaks the same love language – or you may be able to finally have that needed heart-to-heart with a current partner.  The Sun adds additional potential for passion on the 22nd – sparks could really begin to fly, making the rest of summer truly hot!  A new career opportunity is illuminated on the 19th when the Full Moon lights up your honors and reputation sector. This could be your chance to grab that spotlight and up your street cred to new levels.  As the month comes to a close, analytical Mercury in Virgo moves into your 6th house of work, perfect for plotting your next big career move.  You’re get poised to conquer big, hot shot!


taurus astrology

Taurus: Your 3rd house of communication, mind, and neighborhood is buzzing this month, dear Taurus. With three planets and a New Moon on the 4th, you’ve got your finger on the pulse with everything going down in your hood.  Which means you’re the go-to person for all the coolest scenes (or gossip!).  This could be a fun month for connecting with your neighbors and perhaps enjoying some summer fun right in your own backyard. If there is something more interesting going on down the block, you’ll be the first to know. Mid-month finds Venus and Mercury moving into your domestic sphere, which is perfect for hosting fun gatherings with friends and family. Block party? Why not?! The Sun adds more good cheer on the 22nd, making July one of the best months of the year for all sorts merriment!  On the 19th a Full Moon in your 9th house of travel may give you an incentive to buy tickets for somewhere exotic.  You may be enjoying the home front but why not a little escape before summer comes to a close?  Mercury enters nitpicky Virgo in your house of romance the 30th – if you want to get your partner motivated to pitch in or pitch woo, keep the criticism in check.  More sweet talk, less quibbling over the small stuff.


gemini astrology

Gemini: July could be a turning point in your financial outlook, dear Gemini.  At the beginning of the month, you’ve got the Sun, Mercury and Venus sitting in your 2nd house of money, signaling a chance for big improvements and more spending power. You’ve also got a dazzling New Moon on the 4th, which could bring a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that could shift your earning potential to a new level. You might be tempted to spend it before it comes in the door when Venus and Mars align on the 6th – keep your spending in check and stay on your budget.  Moguls know that the secret to getting wealthy is saving that bounty – if you are practicing good money management habits, you might be on your way to baller status!  Venus and Mercury move into your 3rd house of mind and communication mid-month, giving you an extra-dose of charm – use that to your advantage in work and love.  Your glib tongue could get you in some pretty interesting places.  When the Sun joins up, your words get additional power – this could be the right time to launch that PR campaign or podcast you’ve been thinking about.  (Psst if you’re a rapper, you are going to be nailing those phat rhymes!)  The Full Moon in your 8th house of intuition and sex on the 19th gives you x-ray vision and some x-rated adventures!  Hot summer?  Uh huh.  On the 30th, a family member may need your opinion when Mercury moves into your 4th house. If anyone can solve a dilemma, it’s you. Listen and then advise accordingly.


cancer astrology

Cancer:  The month starts off with a cosmic boost, dear Cancer. That’s because the Sun, Mercury and Venus are in your sign – and giving you a mega-watt burst of star power!  You have the charisma now to get your way in pretty much anything. Use that power with wisdom,  On the 4th, the New Moon in Cancer is your sign to get moving on fresh starts or a new look.  If you’ve been considering changing something in your life – even just your ‘do, go for it!  This day can be symbolic of whole new chapter. Feel free to release anything or anyone that no longer fits.  The 6th brings a chance at getting your love life aligned as well.  With the Venus Mars trine, you may meet a new person or reignite sparks gone cold.  Mid-month brings more goodies when Mercury and Venus move into your house of money – after months of financial restrictions, you may start to see some ease coming your way.  An opportunity may pay off or you may come into some unexpected good luck. The Sun joins up on the 22nd, giving you extra earning power FTW. The Full Moon on the 19th in your 7th house gives you ultra-clarity about a relationship.  An important truth is revealed, which will help you to make a big decision. You’ll finally know if someone needs to exit – or stay. As the month comes to a close, Mercury in the third house of mind helps you to finalize the details on partnerships…or your new life plan.  The month ends with a lean, clean version of you – ready to set the world on fire.


leo astrology

Leo: Your time in the Sun is almost here, dear Leo, but July starts off with a quiet roar.  Your 12th house of rest and karma is active with three planets, which means you need to hang back a bit and do your inner work.  If you’ve been feeling salty about your life, perhaps there is something you need to address.  Are you hanging on to old fears?  Overdoing it a bit? Trying to get your prickly ego soothed?  Look at where you’ve been selling yourself short or repeating old patterns – and make a vow to your self that you’re going to change.  If you’re having trouble seeing how you cause your own soap opera, the New Moon on the 4th will show you exactly what your role is in recent events.  Once you see your part, you can heal that shizz.  On the 6th, a helpful family member may give you some insights that might help you out.  Don’t assume it’s a criticism – it may actually be valuable information.  Mid-month, you start to shake this energy off when Mercury and Venus head into your sign.  Suddenly, the world seems a lot lighter ‘n brighter – and everyone wants to be hanging around you.  The Sun enters your sign on the 22nd, adding additional sparkle power to your already shimmery personality.  Happy birthday! This could attract more romance – if you’ve been dry in that department, this will feel like a welcome change!  The Full Moon on the 19th might present you with a unique work opportunity.  This may be radically different than anything you’ve ever done.  Should you go for it? OF COURSE.  Fortune favors the brave, yo.  As the month comes to a close, Mercury will be entering your 2nd house of finances – this could give you a new source of income stemming from one of your smarty-pants ideas or a chance to square away your budget for the rest of the year.  I place my bets on the budget part.  Yeah, I know Leos like to live large blah blah blah…but Virgo likes to make sure there is some stacks in the bank.  Allow yourself a bit of birthday bling and then stash the rest.


virgo astrology

Virgo: July will be a remarkably social month for you, dear Virgo.  Your 11th house of friends is supercharged with the Sun,  Mercury, and Venus – expect loads of invitations and lots of soirees, date nights, coffee grabs, wedding invites and more.  You’re on everyone’s cool list so don’t be surprised if your phone is ringing off the hook!  Your social circle may also be going through an expansion – when that New Moon hits your 11th house, it could open you up to new friendships or networks that could make your life really interesting.  This is also a good day for you to reach out to someone you find intriguing – a simple hello could turn into a valuable alliance that may bring lots of good fortune your way.  The 6th is also a fab day for mingling – in your hood or on a short road trip with your besties. Mid-month you’ll feel like you want to put the breaks on all this social stuff when Mercury and Venus slide into your 12th house of rest.  Instead of slam dancing on the club floor, you’ll prefer snuggling with your sweetheart or hiding away in an ashram.  The Full Moon on the 19th in your 5th house of true love gives you a sweet opportunity for big time romance – mark that day on your calendar.  If you’re single, it’s a perfect time to update your dating profile. In a relationship? Get out the candles, turn out the lights and make your move.  The Sun on the 22nd adds additional desire to step away from the spotlight.  “I vant to be alone” may be your battle cry but those friends ain’t gonna let you drop out like that. Your best bet: find the balance between interaction with your peeps and silent retreats as needed.  You CAN turn off that cell phone, ya know?  On the 30th, communicative Mercury enters your sign – you’ll be feeling sick of the down time and be ready to connect with others again.  The world will be happier with this arrangement.


libra astrology

Libra: July will give you opportunities to shine at work, dear Libra. With the Sun, Mercury and Venus hanging out in your career sector, you’re in the power position and all eyes are on you.  You’ll be blessed with leadership and charisma – which means you are ready to lead the team to a victory.  The New Moon on the 4th could bring an incredible new offer – a promotion or elevated role, which could help push your career forward in an astonishing way.  The Venus Mars trine on the 6th may also bring some sort of financial gain through work.  Perhaps that promotion may come with some additional perks – or you may have an idea that turns out to be a money-maker for your company.  Whatever the case may be, your July starts off quite well.  You’ll be celebrating with your buddies when Mercury and Venus enter your 11th house of social activity.  Suddenly, you’re flush with invitations and unable to say no.  The Full Moon on the 19th draws your attention to a home matter. You may find yourself having to step away from the frolicking to tend to a loved one.  On the 22nd, the Sun moves into the 11th, putting the social spotlight on you. A roast in your honor perhaps? Or you just being the life of the party?  Between work and your social life, you’re the center of attention all month long.  At the end of the month, you’ll be privvy to some secret information when Mercury enters your 12th house.  Keep anything you hear under your hat.  It may be come in handy later.


scorpio astrology

Scorpio: Now that your ruling planet, Mars, is direct, you’re kicking ass and taking names, dear Scorpio.  Not much is getting in your way – you’re making incredible progress on everything that you set your mind to. This is a highly focused time so make the most out of this energy. While July is favorable for work, it’s also starting off with some potential for travel.  The 9th house is active with the Sun, Mercury, and  Venus – a road trip or beach outing may be calling your name. The New Moon on the 4th could bring an exciting adventure or a good deal on an expedition you’ve always wanted to take.  The Venus Mars trine on the 6th eliminates your excuses not to take that opportunity. Make a point to go because when Mercury and Venus move into your 10th house of career on the 12th, you’ll be putting your nose to the grindstone at work.  The new few weeks will give you ample opportunities to nail it on the job, which could raise your profile and put you in line for new roles. The Full Moon on the 19th in your house of communication allows you to intuit what needs to be said, giving you the edge in the boardroom.  On the 22nd, the Sun lights up your 10th house, bringing honors and recognition!  You’ve earned it, my friend.  This is your moment to bask in your glory – stand tall!  A good friend reaches out at the end of the month with important news – or an exciting invitation.  As you ease into August, your social life is about to get a lot more interesting.


sagittarius astrology

Sagittarius: Things are going to get hot, dear Sagittarius.  For one, it’s summer.  For two, your 8th house of sex is on fire with the Sun, Mercury and Venus bringing loads of intensity and passion to the bedroom.  If you are in a relationship, things could get quite steamy!  Single? You might just encounter a hot new partner who knows how to make the earth quake.  The New Moon on the 4th is perfect for trying out a new move, tiger. The Venus Mars angle on the 6th could deepen things further – making the first part of July pretty darn sensuous.  Mercury and Venus move into your house of travel on the 12th, which means it’s time to indulge your need to roam.  You need to do this from time to time anyways – too much domestic stuff or being tied to the office gets on your nerves.  Travel always soothes your spirit so this will be a welcoming trend for the next few weeks.  If you’re worried about funds, a Full Moon on the 19th in your financial sector could bring unexpected gain – just in time to bankroll that multi-city tour you’re considering.  The Sun joins the 9th house on the 22nd, and exotic locations start to beckon loudly.  There’s nothing to hold you back – go, go, GO!  At month’s end, Mercury enters perfectionist Virgo and your 10th house of career, signaling a return to work and getting back to the daily grind.  If you played your cards right, you’ll be doing that with a sun-kissed glow.


capricorn astrology

Capricorn: July is best spent focusing on your relationships, dear Capricorn. Perhaps you’ve gotten consumed with other things. Or maybe you messed up big recently.  Whatever the case, it’s not too late to make things better.  With the Sun, Mercury and Venus gracing your 7th house of partnerships, you have the power in your hands to improve any relationship. If you put your attention towards others and let go of your own ego, you may find  yourself with stronger alliances or, at the very least, a chance to reboot things.  Romantic relationships get a huge opportunity to shift gears towards awesome, especially on the 4th with the New Moon.  This is a strong day to repair the old – or to welcome in a new relationship.  The 6th sweetens the deal when it makes a harmonious angle between Venus and Mars.  This auspicious angle could find you connecting with someone at a social event – or finally putting a battle to rest. On the 12th, things heat up when Mercury and Venus move into your 8th house of intuition and sex.  Greater intimacy is possible. Do not be afraid to let your loved one know what you need.  It’s the quickest way to get satisfaction!  The Full Moon on the 19th in your sign clears the way for a new you.  If you’ve been carrying around a lot of negativity, let that crap go.  In fact, do a self-assessment – are you operating in a way that makes you proud? If not, it’s time to come clean, shed your ways, and vow to do better.  The Sun heads into the 8th on the 22nd, giving you the ability to tap into your intuition like never before.  This will be your secret sauce going into August – you can sense the best way to go and will be able to avoid pitfalls that may trip others up.  Lastly, Mercury slips into your house of travel on the 30th.  A little expedition or two away from the daily grind might restore you like nothing else.  Make your summer travel plans and don’t look back.



Aquarius: This month stands to be remarkable for you in so many ways, dear Aquarius.  For one, your house of work and health are getting a lot of cosmic help from the Sun, Mercury and Venus. You are ready to tackle your work like the consummate pro that you are – and rest assured, you’ll get something sweet for your efforts. That could be a raise, promotion, or simply a pat on the back for your contribution.  If you apply the same dedication to your health as you do to your job, you may also see the results coming in bit by bit.  Persevere and know that you are on to a more successful, healthier you.  The New Moon on the 4th may open the door for an incredible opportunity.  Don’t hesitate – take it!  The 6th brings more good news when Venus and Mars form a happy trine – this could be a day where you really nail it like a boss!  No one will doubt you after this day.  You’ve more than earned your baller status.  On the 12th Venus and Mercury will move into your 7th house of relationships, followed by the Sun on the 22nd.  A relationship could move to the next level now. Or, if you’re on the market, you may be getting some better offers from more promising suitors.  Things are looking up in the love department and August could be a spectacular month for all sorts of romantic adventures.  Keep your eye on the ball at work on the 19th when the Full Moon shines light on a potential problem. You’ll have to make a big decision then so don’t get distracted by all that love stuff.  On the 30th, Mercury will head into your 8th house – giving you the finely-tuned instincts of a detective. If you need to get to the bottom of any given situation, follow your gut.  It will serve you well as the rest of summer rolls on.


pisces astrology

Pisces:  Your house of romance, creativity, and children is getting a lot of astro-attention this month, dear Pisces.  With the Sun, Venus and Mercury in your 5th house, you can be sure that July will give you loads of opportunity to up your creative or romantic game.  If you’ve been feeling blocked, all bets are off – you can create, mate or procreate!  Holla!  The New Moon on the 4th is especially good for romance – mark that day on your calendar and make it all about l’amour.  The 6th is another stellar day for getting your groove on when Venus and Mars flirt with each other in delicious angle.  Mid-month, work duties promise to get in the way of all that canoodling when Venus and Mercury head into your house of work and responsibility. Suddenly, your attention is needed at the office.  You’re going to be putting out fires and managing chaos, especially when the Sun joins the fray on the 22nd.  This could be a bit stressful but if you stay in organize + manage mode, you’ll get it under control soon enough. The 19th puts a Full Moon smack dab in your 11th house of friendships – giving you the real truth on who’s real and who’s not.  This revelation could mean the end of a friendship or the strengthening of an alliance.  Mercury will enter your 7th house of partnerships on the 30th.  Do not be afraid to confront a backstabber at this time.  If someone is not on the up and up, front them out and be done with it.  Clear the air and clear your name.  Don’t suffer fools in silence. Your real friends will back you up.