Have you ever gotten your Birth Chart done? No? You should! In the field of astrology, a ‘birth chart’ is a representation that demonstrates the position of the planets, Sun and moon at a particular moment in time. The position of each planet, its movement and relationship with other celestial bodies can give insight as to the influences in play at that particular time. The Birth Charts that I do are Packed with loads of information about a person that extends to almost 5 pages long!

You Should Get A Birth Chart Done

Everyone’s chart is unique because a full chart deals with not just your birth date, but the specific minute and location of your birth.
Through this chart, you get insight into the internal and external influences that have shaped your life, as well as give you foreknowledge of future influences by telling you how planetary alignments in the future may affect you and certain aspects of your life.

When You Begin A New Relationship

Believe it or not, charts are not just done for individuals. Each person should have an individual natal chart drawn up (if they’ve not had one already) and have them compared. This can determine any compatibility issues that might be a challenge, as well as the couple’s strengths. I do Birth Chart Comparisons called “Psychic Love Scopes”. What better way to know about that new significant other in your life.

Many actually find it very eye opening and experience a lot of “aha” moments, as the influences in their relationship are revealed.

It’s important to have the vital details of the day, minute and location of birth. And, if you’d like an Incredible Birth Chart done by me, Simply Click the Rates tab above. ~Ciao