I’ve never liked the word ‘psychic’ even though I need to use it when I write and tell others what it is that I do. This is because of the negative way psychics are depicted by the media and also because of the people who misrepresent its significance. As a result there are so many people who are skeptical about psychics and believe them to be fakes. This is very upsetting to those of us who have a genuine ability see Images, Get impressions and connect with Spirit realms.

Through my readings I have heard horror stories from people who have been ripped off to the tune of thousands of dollars by so-called psychics who had them convinced that someone had placed a curse on them either from this life or a non-verifiable past life. Furthermore, these psychics claimed they could ‘remove’ the curse and of course this involved multiple sessions for a sizeable fee.

Another ploy they use is to sell amulets or other such objects that simply do not work to ward off evil spirits. This is pure fear mongering for self-gain. This makes my blood boil as this is a total abuse of power.

If you are ever in need of a reading it is important to seek the services of a reputable psychic and medium. A good Psychic will be able to give you information about yourself without any background information. It is also important to acknowledge the psychic when you are given information that you connect with. Your reading should be a meaningful and enlightening experience. I would Love to do a Reading for you. ~billy

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