During a Psychic Reading the other day, my client asked me what telephone I use because I sounded so crystal clear and her phone connection was very poor. In my experience, dealing with clients and friends who use cell phones, it’s hit or miss whether they will have a good voice sound and connection. IT depends on factors such as how close the cell phone towers are to you and the type of phone you use.

For my readings, I only use Uniden telephones and always have 3 of them powered on so that as I have plenty of talk time juice. I’ve been using Uniden for the last 12 years and for me, they are the best.

I also only use Plantronic telephone headsets. I’ve been using Plantronic headset products since 1994.

I NEVER use a cell phone or Speakerphone for my readings or with personal calls. Landline phone connections, to me, are still the best form of sound clarity.

So, there you have it. Until next time….Health and Happiness!