How to Identify a Psychic Vision

In other words, here is what to look for:

1) If it’s a prophetic vision (even a negative one), it will simply be a picture that came in out of nowhere, with no emotion attached to it.

2) If it’s one of your fears, you’ll be very aware of fear as you’re seeing the pictures. They will seem to go hand in hand. Fear also multiplies quickly and can easily create a hundred scary scenarios in a matter of seconds, so beware.

3) If it’s a picture your ego has created (in its desire to experience a “psychic vision”), your mind will be racing with thoughts, and there will be mixed feelings of excitement and fear. Our ego likes to be the hero, so from time to time it might try to come up with “psychic information” in order to bedazzle people.

Ask for the Truth

One of the coolest things about our intuition is that it will show us the truth of any situation whenever we ask (so long as our agenda isn’t in the way). If you’ve gotten some information and aren’t sure what to do with it, try this visualization:

Find a quiet place away from the noises of the world and sit down. Close your eyes and take three or four relaxing breaths. Focus on the area of your solar plexus. Inside is a white light at the center of your soul. I think of it as the light of God within. Using your imagination, visualize this light and completely focus your attention on it. Take a few more relaxing breaths, and with each breath, imagine this light getting bigger and brighter until it completely surrounds you. Feel the peacefulness of the light. This is a very good discipline to learn in any case because it is a simple technique that you will use over and over in your psychic work.

Once your mind has calmed down, and you’re able to focus only on this light, tell your inner voice to show you the truth of the situation. Ask it if the information that came to you is accurate. If it is, you’ll get an inner knowing of yes. Then, while continuing to focus on the light, ask if there’s anything you should do about it. If your mind starts to race with thoughts and ideas, return your focus to the calmness of the white light.

If the answer is no, you will either get a no feeling or it will feel blank. If that’s the case, thank the light for guiding you and open your eyes when you feel done.