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What Happens When We Cross Over into Heaven?

Through my communication with Spirit, I have been given great insight into what happens to our own Spirit when our physical bodies expire here on earth and the passageway to Heaven is opened.

What Happens When We Cross Over into Heaven?
Through my communication with Spirit, I have been given great insight into what happens to our own Spirit when our physical bodies expire here on earth. Every soul is given the opportunity to cross over into Heaven. Our way is lit by an incredible white light, shimmering with facets of rainbow colors that is almost blinding in its brilliance. The Spirit of those who have crossed over before us, as well as Angels, Spirit Guides and Past Spiritual Masters, may all be there to help us with our transition and to show us the way.Once we have crossed, the veil is lifted and we are once again reunited with the knowledge and understanding that may have eluded us when we were in human form. We review our lives in a non-judgmental way to see how our soul progressed on its earthly journey. Forgiveness, healing, and compassion are extended to us and by us as we understand the reasons for why we acted the way we did and for the choices that we made.

Our soul continues to evolve while in Heaven but in a more joyous way. We learn new skills, volunteer for jobs and special assignments, and learn to exist within the peace and harmony that surrounds us as we await our reunions with members of our soul group – family, friends, and loved ones who have yet to cross over. Some may choose to come back to earth for more lessons; however, most choose to wait for the reunions with their soul groups before coming back again.

The souls on earth who, in great sadness and desperation, take their own lives, are also given the opportunity to cross over into Heaven. This does not mean that there is not an extremely high price to pay. I cannot express strongly enough that suicide is never the answer to life’s problems. Instead of a rejoicing reunion with loved ones who have already crossed over, these souls move forward to a place of great healing which I refer to as the “Spiritual Hospital” in Heaven. There is a tremendous amount of spiritual pain that must be healed when these troubled souls realize the extent of what they had lost out on by interrupting their soul’s carefully planned evolvement through life on earth. This is an incredibly wrenching experience for souls who were already deeply troubled while they were here. Help is given to them at the Spiritual Hospital for as long as it takes and, when they are ready, they are free to rejoin the rest of the population in Heaven for their reunions and continued soul growth.

Ultimately, we choose whether or not we want to travel through the doorway to Heaven. We all have free will, even when it comes to a decision such as that. Some of those who choose not to cross may do so out of fear, doubt, or confusion. There are many reasons for this. Some souls fear that others will not survive without them, they may doubt where they are being led, or they may be confused about the fact that they are no longer living on earth. This does not mean that the door to Heaven is closed to them. Once their particular door closes, these souls will then need assistance with their crossing, such as an opening provided when someone else crosses or with the help of a Medium. Until assistance arrives, they reside in Spirit between worlds and may be upset or confused. If you suspect that you have a Spirit such as this around you, it is best to contact a Medium who can help them cross over into the light.

The most important message that Spirit wants you to understand is that Heaven does exist. Take comfort in knowing that your Spirit continues on after your body ceases to exist here on earth. Live well and love during your time here on earth, knowing that all of your experiences here are for the evolution of your soul and that Heaven awaits when your Spirit is ready for its next destination.

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