Choosing a life partner is one of the biggest choices anyone can make, but sometimes it’s difficult to tell if someone you’re with for the moment is the person forever. While there’s no one size fits all, there are signs that somebody might be right. Today, we’re looking at the best qualities in a partner that you should be looking for before you take the leap.


Perhaps the most important trait in any person is the ability to look within and recognize patterns that don’t serve you.

Self-awareness goes hand-in-hand with growth, an essential seed in any thriving relationship. People who are self-aware are able to see other people’s side of things. This makes self-awareness an essential ingredient in a life partner.


Transparency can make or break a relationship. Being able to express your thoughts and articulate how you feel clearly and compassionately is vital to the success of any relationship.

Transparency is showing up as your most authentic self and being fully accepted by your partner.

Personal Accountability

In any relationship, there will be conflict. Resolving conflicts respectfully is important in any lasting relationship. A big part of that is personal accountability.

Managing those disagreements with maturity can help reach deeper levels of trust and intimacy in your bond. Being able to see their view on situations and understand where they are coming from can create a safe space where you both work on solving problems together rather than blaming one another for your differences.


Since everything is energy, a balance is needed to keep the peace. This means you both put in equal efforts into the relationship, and you both give and take equally. Even if there are discrepancies in finances, perhaps you both agree to pay a percentage of your income toward the bills, so it affects both of you equally. A willingness to compromise is a key component to making a relationship last.


Over time, the romance may wane and keeping that spirit alive requires effort. While your relationship may go through highs and lows, riding that wave means that there may be times when you have to put in more effort than your partner and vice versa. Avoid getting into a rut by setting aside quality time to go on dates, learn a new hobby together, or watch your favorite T.V. show.


Patience is so important. Not allowing the little habits of your partner to get under your skin, staying by their side when they are having a tough time, and showing up even when it can be inconvenient at times are acts that require immense patience.

Healthy Boundaries

When you’re with someone day after day, you will inevitably get to know that person implicitly. Over time, as you get closer, you may waive your boundaries.

Boundaries are important to ensure a healthy relationship because they are a form of self-love and self-respect. They will also help you both from falling into a co-dependent pattern.


While no one can necessarily make you happy, your partner can definitely make you happier. A part of that happiness comes from you both sharing a similar sense of humor and being able to have fun with one another. Relationships take work, but at the end of the day, it’s important to remember to have fun. The best way to do that is to share activities together that express your inner child.

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