The Top 7 Reasons Why My Clients Say They Had/Have Affairs


As a Psychic, one of the many topics that come up during a reading with my clients is Extramarital Affairs. For me, there is no judgment passed, because I understand that all things have a reason and purpose in life, the Good and the Bad. The journey that we are on has many experiences, twists and turns from which to learn and grow from. I will keep this Post short though. Let me know what You think.

Here are the Topic 7 Reasons why some of my clients said they had Affairs:

1. My Marriage Made Me Do it. – I felt trapped and stressed. There wasn’t stimulation.

2. I Just Couldn’t Say No. – The other person made it too enticing and exciting.

3. I Didn’t Want to Say No. – I felt guilt and pressure from the other person.

4. I Fell Out of Love and Love the Feeling of Being in Love. – I wanted Romance and butterflies.

5. I Wanted to Get Back at Him/Her. – They cheated on me or were not sexual enough or any longer.

6. I Needed to Prove My Desirability. – I started to feel and look older and getting attention felt good.