We fall in love with people who have been placed on our path to accelerate our spiritual growth and tap into our inner powers.

Their task is to show us the we already posses the qualities we need for our further development.

The soul alone finds these people in spite of our common sense.

Life does what it’s supposed to do.

This is the bedrock of personal development but also an illusion at the same time. We actually fall in love with ourselves, or better said with our future selves.

Those people that we like reflect the qualities that our soul needs.

Every flaw they have practically disappears at the moment when the transformation begins.

As a rule, the internal transformation is painful and we start acquiring the qualities that we loved in another person.

To make it happen, we have to go through some internal changes that refer to our personal perspectives and points of view.

Unfortunately, in most cases , this becomes clear only after we go through separation. The pain catapults us into a new world and when we are finally in this new world, we can look back without emotion and objectively observe the events from the past.

The illusion is finally gone, and what’s left is the objective reality.

Therefore, don’t blame others for your unmet expectations.

Next time you will be the reason behind somebody’s change.

The question arises: “When will these love cycles end?”

There is that someone for each and every one of us who will become a permanent part of our world; someone close to our energetic blueprint.

When he or she appears, you better have your inner sorted out, so you no longer need to look for missing parts.

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Blessings for Love ~ billy