The Souls Last Earth Experience ~ Billy Caputo 

When a spirit soul crosses over it is initially given many opportunities to interact with human experiences from earth. Eventually these spirit souls realize they are ready to release from this earth experience and move completely into their spirit soul experience. When this happens, they are released from that lifetime and move into all lifetimes they have experienced.

Each spirit soul that crosses over and moves into its full spirit soul energy of all lifetimes, does continue to remain in contact with the energy of all their loved ones from this most current lifetime. They are often there to help loved ones in difficult situations and in joyous times. Though they are not with those loved ones on a continuous basis they are able to at free will choose when to be with those loved ones. When a spirit soul leaves their human body they are often surprised to see themselves looking down upon themselves. This can be under any circumstance of death. Oftentimes when a spirit soul is being mechanically kept bound to earth they are not in their human body at all and would like to be able to communicate to their loved ones to please release them and let them go so that they can move on. The sense of love, of obligation and responsibility, can often keep a loved one bound to earth and not allow it to move freely into its spirit soul life. We so often think we are doing the best to help loved ones but oftentimes are hindering their clear free movement from one life to another.