The fastest ways to Anger each zodiac sign.

Aries- Interrupt them. If you get in the way of their work and it causes them to slow down, they will rage out and steamroll right over you.

Taurus- Catch them by surprise. They hate being caught off guard by anything sudden and unexpected, the instability caused by the experience freaks them out and makes them aggressive.

Gemini- Make them wait. Geminis hate staying put in only one place. They much prefer to come and go as they please and wander about freely, anything less is torturous.

Cancer- Be a bad friend. Nothing angers a Cancer quite like someone who doesn’t put in the effort to return their friendliness, support, and understanding in kind.

Leo- Don’t congratulate them. When you fail to praise and firmly withhold any and all compliments or recognition, it makes for a Leo in a really bad mood.

Virgo- Meddle in their work. Virgos thrive on doing things in their own organized fashion and if you try to interrupt and take over their work, they will blow their tops in a puff of angry frustration.

Libra- Be biased and unfair. When you don’t treat a Libra justly or equally, that one-sidedness will unleash their notoriously hard to anger inner selves.

Scorpio- Lie to their face. At the slightest hint of dishonesty a Scorpio will know your deceit and in turn, they will turn their wrath on you and try to ruin your life. Tread carefully.

Sagittarius- Stick to them like glue. Be a stage five clinger and hang on their every word while following them around. Since they like to be free and go solo, it’ll push them until they tell you off.

Capricorn- Poke fun at them. A prideful sign, Capricorns loathe being teased or made fun of. Make them the butt of a joke, but watch out because their lack of a sense of humor makes them volatile.

Aquarius- Don’t agree with them. When you disagree and tell someone who thinks they’re always right, that they’re wrong, it’s a definite way to get into an angry and heated conversation with them.

Pisces- Be mean-spirited. It’s hard to anger a Pisces since they’re very mellow and care-free, but when you cop an attitude and act like a bully for no apparent reason, they’ll stand up and fight back.