The Differences Between Spirit and Soul ~ Billy Caputo

What is the difference between a spirit and a soul?

The spirit is the true essence, the true energy of who you are. The soul is like the connection between your spirit and your humanness. And your soul is with you in your human body and when you depart from your human body your soul moves into your spirit and that soul remains with your spirit. So it’s like a form of energy from your true spirit into your humanness and is more directly connected to you as a human than as to your spirit in each incarnation.

But a human has a spirit within them as well as a soul?

Yes, and it is like you would be looking at yourself as a human. There are layers of energies and these energies are not often necessarily within the human body but are the energies that will surround your human body connected by your soul.

And when you cross over, what is it that moves from your body into the spirit world?

What happens is, the soul moves into the spirit which is the energy that is within you as well as surrounding you, which is your spirit. That soul moves totally and completely into your spirit after a period of time. In the death process you go through a period where you are still earthbound connected and so your soul itself is still very individually active and your soul continues with this earthbound connection for a period of time and then finally moves into the oneness and completeness of the true essence and spirit that you are. This is when you are released from your earth bond and you become your full spirit self.

And when and if you reincarnate again, do you acquire a different soul or do you have the same soul that enters the human body at birth?

The soul of each incarnation carries the energy of every incarnation but is not necessarily predominant in the soul as it attaches to a new incarnation. For what happens with the soul–it becomes much of the personality and ego of every new incarnation but the residual energy of what you have always been through every lifetime remains within that soul. So, in essence, yes–you are carrying all the energies of each lifetime but they are not very predominant. They’re there–they are, as we would help you to understand, a residual energy but they are not predominant. For each incarnation has its own energy, its own personality, its own ego and that’s what forms in the soul to help connect to the spirit of your humanness.

What happens to the past personality of a soul that is reincarnated? Is it irretrievably lost–like a slate wiped clean–so that all the love, feelings, experiences and essences that were part of the soul in its previous life are gone forever?

Absolutely not. You as a spirit being carry with you all of your previous life experiences and how those experiences have developed into your current spiritual evolution. Though when you return as a three-dimensional earth being these experiences are not remembered unless you have evolved so much in your spiritual evolution that you are able to do some past life regressions. Many times you have things that are happening to you in your current life which you have no understanding for why it is happening, and it can be a deep-seated carryover from a past life which could go back for many past lives. It is something that you have continued to hold on and have not confronted this experience and therefore it still tends to stick with you even in your spirit life into your three-dimensional human life. But you never lose any of the experiences, any of your actions, any of your thoughts–all of that is combined that makes you one whole spirit.

What is meant by the term “the higher self”?

 The higher self is your spirit that continues to live through all three-dimensional lifetimes and is always there. As you leave this lifetime you move into your spirit being that you truly are. You move from your personality into your soul into your true spirit being. Your spirit being itself is always continuously learning and you as a third-dimensional being are helping it continue its growth in spirit. And by that we mean the unconditional love, the unconditional forgiveness, acceptance, knowing that you are perfect in all ways. Your spirit knows this and as you continue to understand and accept the challenges to achieve these levels upon earth, your spirit continues to grow itself.

So the term “the higher self ” does not mean one’s spirit guide, who is a separate entity?

 This is true. Your have many, many other spirits who are around, spirit guides who are teachers or who have become more highly evolved than you are, and they are there. They are your teachers. You can call upon any spirit guide of any level at any time. Sometimes there are spirit guides for very specific reasons. Many times when you think you are calling upon a spirit guide, when you are looking at earth situations, you are really calling upon the earth angels and they are there to help you for what you on earth consider mundane energy help, other-dimensional help. Oftentimes you call upon your angels for protection and many times the protection is needed–more than an angel, a spirit guide is needed. When you call out, either an earth angel or spirit guide are there for you. And oftentimes there are spirit guides there that are more highly evolved for the situation requires a great deal of higher consciousness to be with you at that time. But anytime that you ask for help, you receive that help, even though you are never aware of it. It might not be the help that you think you are receiving at the time that you want, but it is the help you are receiving to help you further evolve and become aware that you can find the answers with the help of angels and spirit guides who are with you at all times.


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