Tips Of A Bad Relationship

We all know that In some relationships, people tend to be persuasive, manipulative and promising. If you are with someone who is like this, breaking up won’t be easy.

Don’t Be Fooled

They will most likely approach you and tell you that everything will change back to the way things were before. It may even seem like they are sincere, with their bad habits fading away. Remember that this is all an act and most people won’t change unless they genuinely love you. If they are acting the same way with their friends and only put up an act for you, it’s a positive sign they are not interested in changing.

Some breakups are so devastating to the other person that they feel they cannot carry on in life. Their emotions begin to roll in and they are a mess. Without you In their life, they feel lost without you. With an ex like this, you need to take the matter seriously. If your ex mentions suicide, always take them seriously. Keep chatting with them in text while dialing the police. These people are extremely fragile when it comes to relationships. If they are faking it, your ex will quickly learn the consequences by not doing this again. Once a police is called, they will escort your ex to the nearest psychiatric ward which is also used for preventing suicide. You will be happy to know that your ex is safe. In these types of places, they will bring the individual in a room with only a bed. There are no hard objects in the room that could be used for their suicide missions. Cameras are also in the room, with a live person monitoring them 24/7. They may keep the person in there for 24 hours or one week. Counseling sessions are available if your ex needs to talk with someone.

If you have an ex that is manipulating, be careful of their ways. They have a lot of built up anger they won’t release but they’ll show it in their actions. Blackmail is used to frighten an ex who wants to move on in their lives. Most if the time, you won’t be able to move on since you’ve built up a fear deep inside. You constantly worry what your ex may say or do to your friends in order to get you back. If you are in this situation, you’ll need to take the risk. If they plan on doing something illegal when it comes to blackmail, make sure you notify authorities. These types of people are ruthless at best and the best thing to do is avoid them completely. This means changing your phone number, switching work locations and even transferring to another school.

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They obviously can’t blackmail you if there is no contact. Be sure to inform family members not to take calls from your ex.
Here are some A-Z tips of a bad relationship. These clues will help you get out quickly:


By picking up warning signs of aggressiveness in a man, you’ll stop yourself from entering into an abusive relationship. Men who are aggressive tend to grab your arm, force you to do things you don’t want, and even push you to take action with something you don’t want to have anything to do with. You think that this is just part of his personality, but it’s really not.


Most of the time, blackmail can lead to low self esteem. Maybe when you and your ex were intimate, she took some revealing pictures of you in your underwear. She says that if you leave her, she will send these to every girl you know. Someone who really loved you would care about your emotions, even if they can’t be with you.

Low Self Esteem

Being in a relationship that is physically or mentally abusive can dig a hole in your heart, causing low self esteem. Instead of being the playful, cheery person you were before – you seem to walk around with your shoulders slumped down. You don’t enjoy the things you used to do and this low self esteem will eventually lead to depression.


Did you know that manipulation is the number #1 reason why men and women stay together? For example, if you tell your lady you want to leave her because of her bad habits, she will manipulate you just by making you feel guilty. The sad, puppy face turns on and tears start rolling down her cheeks. She says that she will die without you and you are afraid she’ll do something foolish like committing suicide. Instead, get help for her right away and slowly move away. Don’t tell her directly you are moving on but just take some time to distance yourself from her.

Mental Abuse

Being mentally abused is no fun at all. Mental abuse often starts with name calling, being made fun of and even humiliated in front of others. Let’s say your boyfriend likes to call you names in front of his friends. He wants to appear manly and in control. In reality, this is not a guy who respects your feelings and the mental abuse will get worse. Get out while you still can!

Physical Abuse

Both men and women can be physically abusive to one another. It doesn’t just go for men. In fact, there are many women who hit their husbands out of anger. Physical abuse is serious and if you are being abused, move far away. If you have bruises from the abuse, it is important to contact your local law enforcement. Don’t let them treat you like this. There are plenty of good men and women out there who will give you the dignity and respect you deserve.

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