While I am sure many of you came close to guessing what those 2 most important things are to finding  Love are, I bet you didn’t think that these 2 would be at the top, especially as singles age older.

Keep an Open Mind and Shorten the List

Though you should have certain qualities in mind for the type of partner you’re looking for, you should always keep an open mind no matter what.

For some people, their soulmate is the last person that they would’ve expected. By allowing yourself to approach the idea of finding love anywhere, you’ll be prepared to welcome love with open arms when it does happen.

As you look for the right partner, try to search for people based on their intrinsic values and characteristics rather than physical attributes. While outward appearances do play a role in attraction, the most important qualities are what’s on the inside. Keep the “list” short. Many people that I read for have an Unrealistic list of 20+ things a person must have or be. As we age, we are going to have to understand that we all come with imperfections. We are going to have to “adjust” to have and be with someone if there is a chance for love again.

Many women I know are on dating sites and they receive about 5 emails or likes each day. Now lets do the math here for a minute. 5 x 7 days = 35 x 4 weeks = 140 opportunities in a month! Saying there is no one is almost like going to a diner and looking at the long menu and saying I can’t find anything to eat.

So Keep an Open mind and Shorten the List.

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