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Had a 1 hour reading with Billy and he is incredible. I waited 2 months to write this just to see if Billy was right about finding a job. He said 2 months locally in town and it was 58 days later when I got a call back from a job. He spoke about how my dad could hear my communications with him and showed me how. Billy called me a nickname only my dad and mom would call me. I’m waiting patiently on Love but my try avenues I am reluctant to try but because Billy was right about many other things, I am taking the jump of faith. Billy, I will be back after x mas. You are just many words of greatness hon. If you have doubts about psychics, you must give Billy a try. Rhea Z., Montreal, Canada

Billy was so Accurate in his reading. He is an amazing talent and is so angelic with his readings. I have been to many psychics and he is by far the most accurate. I was blown away by how he knew so much just from a short reading. I am happy to recommend him and it was definitely worth the experience. Tricia D., Hammonton, NJ

I had my first ever reading with Billy Caputo last night, and I am certain it will not be my last. Billy took his time and made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. I felt confident in him. He was very soft-spoken. Billy has a way of making you feel like a very close friend as opposed to a client.

Billy came up with names of people whose names he would not otherwise have known unless I had told him. He even knew their personalities as well as what they stood for in my life. He even knew the name and the personality of an immediate family member who has crossed over.

He knew and understood problems in my past marriage and gave me hope for the future which I had given up on. He was right on in regard to my health issues. He gave me tips and great advice as to what I can do to better my health physically, emotionally, & spiritually.

Billy Caputo psychic is a very compassionate man who truly cares about people and well-being. Billy is very special. Not only because of his gift but also and most important as a human being who I can tell loves and enjoys what he does, which is helping people. He does not use his gifts to his advantage. He most definitely uses it for the advantage of others. He truly cares! Billy truly wants the very best of all things beautiful, colorful, and great for people. He wishes all, health and happiness as well as the true definition of himself which is love and light. I encourage all to schedule reading with Billy. I know you will be glad you did. He does not disappoint. He blew me away, and I’m sure he will do the same for you. I know I will be using him again. Readings from Billy will make for great Xmas gifts. Thank you. Most Sincerely, Jill (Borg) Robbins, Carmel, NY

Hi, Billy! I am so sorry we got cut-off. I wanted to thank you so much for a beautifully delivered and accurate reading. I really have no idea how anyone could leave feedback, stating otherwise. You pick up on details that no one knows and your compassionate readings are also so full of certainty and consistent with past readings that I have had with you! I just want to let you know that you have helped me immensely and I will continue to contact you for years to come! Sending you much love and Light! ? Cathy W.,Bethpage, NY

I was read by Billy Caputo on December 9 and I found him to be extremely accurate.  He hit on many details of my immediate family that he wouldn’t have any prior knowledge. It was a calming experience with the Holidays around the corner because many members of my family have passed.  I highly recommend you experience a reading for yourself.  I’m sure you will not be disappointed. – Maria A., Secaucus, NJ

First I would like to say Billy was amazing and very nice! He picks up on my Dad’s energy immediately and my Grandfather’s. He told me my Dad was met by my Grandpa when he crossed over. He got my Grandpa’s name right. He hit on how my Dad passed and the date. He also picked up on my dad’s age of 49 years old when he passed and how. He hit briefly on the fact maybe I was a Grandparent, what he didn’t know is that my middle son just told me yesterday that I was going to be a Grandparent it is a secret. He saw flowers around my husband, which was funny, my husband’s in the Wholesale Flower business. He asked me if I talk to my Dad when I was in the shower, I in fact did talk to my Dad today while I was showering and asked him to come through tonight in my reading. He let me know that my Dad is with me, he hears me when I talk to him, he touches upon something my Dad was holding, I ask my Dad to hold my hand all the time. He told me that my husband needed to take care of himself eat better, move around more, this is a conversation I have with my husband often, he said we weren’t on the same page, which are the exact words I use with him. He said we needed to be as a team with eating and exercising. Those are also the same words I used. It was a great reading, I look forward to many more. He’s the real deal. – Jana L., Virginia Beach, Va.

I still don’t understand how Billy could have known that my mom handed me her ring a week before her passing!!!! Billy was 10 days off on her birthday but Still, he is amazing. I was referred to Billy by a friend on Long Island, NY. He also sent me a free book. Yes, I will definitely be back for another reading! Highly recommend Billy to all. – Ellen R., Sacramento, Ca.

This man is simply amazing. I’ve read with him for 5 years now. I am stubborn and he knows it. I will disagree with a prediction now and then but he always wins when they happen as he predicted. For 2 months I’ve disagreed with him about hearing back from a man that never reaches out to me. Billy never changed his prediction and said it would happen as crazy as it sounded. (another psychic will agree with u just for ratings) Sure enough, it happened with the detail he said “I will feel something is off when I saw him again”. It never made sense but it was exactly how I felt in his presence! Who else can provide such accurate details but only someone who is truly gifted..call him and u won’t find anyone else to read with. – A.C. Salt Lake City, UT

Purchased the 45 minutes reading with Billy and then another reading for an hour. Billy saw me wearing the silver watch that my daughter had given me before she crossed over to heaven! He gave me so much information that only I would know. I wrote down what Billy was saying so I could re-read and process both readings later-and I’m so happy that I did. I suggest writing things down or recording your sessions. I am referring Billy to all I speak to. He even sent me a free shirt and a necklace. I told him that he needs his own tv show. Thank You again. – Kathy N., Clear Water, Fl.

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Billy is so good at what he does he actually blew me away he really has a special gift and he is a special gift. I felt like I knew him much longer than I actually did. He is amazing if you are skeptical or did not have the best of luck with psychics give Billy a try u will be glad u did I adore him. – Stevie L., Glendale, AZ

This was the BEST reading I ever had! An incredible extraordinary experience. I have never had a reading like this before that was 100% accurate. Billy is a lifesaver “LITERALLY” he made me aware of early indications of a health hazard. This afforded me to make necessary vital changes that will thwart certainly of developing and progression of a fatal disease! Had I not had this reading with Billy this illness would have manifested and caused deterioration. For that priceless knowledge through Billy’s amazing gift, I’m given an opportunity to save my life! I will be eternally thankful and grateful to him. Words can’t describe Billy’s amazing intuitive gift. – Denise K., Millburn, NJ

“He was able to pick up that I’m getting my doctorate. He picked up my age and that I look younger than my actual age which is what I get from a lot of people. He said that the guy in question would contact me again but he didn’t feel him coming forward like I want him to so it won’t work out. Billy is really amazing and picks up on details no one else would know. I will contact again!! I’m obviously bummed since I care about the guy, but I don’t want to lie to either. I feel Billy was honest and constructive.” – Kathy R., CT

“I’ve been reading with Billy for almost 3 years now…I have to say that 90% of his predictions have always come to pass. It’s been to the point that when something he said happens, I smile to myself and think wow… I wouldn’t know how to proceed in my relationships if it wasn’t for his gift of divine vision and guidance. He tells u what he sees and not what u want to hear…only the truth even if it hurts because he doesn’t want you to make some bad choices. Amazingly talented and a great friend now. Worth every penny… call him and you will understand what all these other clients are testifying about!” – Alexandra C., Salt Lake City, UT

“Billy you are Amazing!! You are quick and your style of reading is like no other. You were so accurate it was uncanny. The information you picked up such as birth dates, children, and feelings, all I can say is Amazing. Thank you for everything. Will call again to update. 10 StaRzzzz!!” – Melissa- K. site

“Billy saw him calling back… and he did! Billy saw the guy with blonde hair and facial hair…which he has. Says before the end of April we will meet in person since there is a distance between us. The birth chart I ordered from Billy came quick, detailed, and was very good. I’m gonna order another for my brother Rich. I recommend Billy to friends. His method is different than many advisers. Thx again.” – Julie N., Valencia, CA

“Billy is AWESOME. He knew things that he only could have known from an authentic reading. Tons of info and great advice. I have spent twice this and not gotten as much confirmation or detailed info as I did with Billy. – Hopeful2404

“I just wanted to write about my experience with Billy. His reading was the best I have ever had. He did not fish for anything or ask questions to lead me in a certain direction. He did not speak in generalizations which would apply to anyone. He was accurate in every aspect of my life! I could not believe it.

There is no possible way he could have known all the details that he told me. Career-wise: He felt that I was stagnant in my current job, a teacher, and felt I needed to change districts in order to get the position I really wanted. He knew the job that I wanted and was specific to what it was.

As for my love life, he knew everything!!! No hiding your secrets from him. He knew specific details about my boyfriend, his personality, and the current state of our relationship. He knew that I am in a dead-end relationship and picked up every detail to why it is the way it is. He picked up very specific details which he could not have possibly known. He did not speak in generalizations, he spoke in detail.

Other psychics just tell you what you want to hear and not tell you the truth. Billy was very tactful when he spoke about my boyfriend and his true intentions. He did not lie to spare my feelings. He told me what he saw, but did it in a way in which I was able to accept it.

I actually felt like Billy was in my head. He was so accurate about my feeling, situations, people past and present, birthdays, astrological signs, personality traits, and everything else.
He is extremely gifted, sensitive, and professional. I can not praise him enough. I was telling everyone about how great my reading was. I want to thank him again for the wonderful job he did for me. I will definitely recommend him and use him again in the future.” – A.G. Kearny, NJ

“I’ve been reading with Billy for almost 2 years now, on a regular basis regarding the same guy. His predictions have always come through for me regarding time and even form of contact. He is able to pinpoint if there was another person of interest and always nailed it down to the person’s looks, age, and feelings. He can see visions that might not make sense to me but after a while, I would sit and remember something he mentioned and you have the AHA moment. The man is absolutely gifted in clairvoyance and remote viewing. I have called him to verify things many times and his accuracy is unmatched. I have tested the best and after months of searching, Billy is one of my top go-to psychics. If you are looking for the truth and not fluff or fairy tales, this is your psychic!” – A. C., Salt Lake City, UT

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“Readings by Billy are an experience that you must try. When you need to know the true feelings or outcome of someone, he is your go-to psychic. I have called Billy many times to ask questions regarding my s/o and he has nailed predictions each and every time. I trust his guidance because he doesn’t make up things just to make you feel better as other psychics do, he only tells it how he sees it but with kindness. He will explain things to you in a manner that helps you understand why it is the way it is. Kind, gentle, and understanding, always available when you are needing answers, he is there for you. Call him once and you will have a friend and psychic for life.” – Nac., Ogden, UT

“Very accurate, and super on target. Amazed at his accuracy and details. I will be calling back for an update. Nothing but the truth! Thanks, Billy for the awesome reading. Call him now!” – Deanne G., Lincoln, NE

“Follow up from my reading on 1/26 long overdue, everything Billy predicted a month ago has come through. He is hands down the best. Timelines are always right, call him, and you won’t be disappointed. TY Billy” – Craig B., Salinas, CA

“Billy is just amazing and so accurate. He is on point and details you cannot believe. He is a must call.” – Sherry K., Bend, OR

“Billy is hands down the best psychic!!! Phenomenal!!! Thank you so much for the beautiful reading. I’m definitely going to follow up with you in a few weeks!!!! AMAZING! – Brijitta D., Austin, TX

“First-time caller to Billy, thank you for the reading, it was very accurate, and he picked up on the person in question, and situation will be in touch again soon. Thank you, Aisha”- Aisha C., St. Cloud, MN

“I am so happy I found Billy Caputo., his readings for me were accurate and honest, I did not have to give any photos, or information other than questions. He is friendly, sensitive, and puts it all together to guide you. He even gets initials & names. I can’t wait for my next reading, its an amazing experience worth trying & keeping!” – Vivian A., Lyndhurst, NJ

“This person has true empathic mediumship gift. I found clarity thru this session.. as if i was talking to my x lover directly actually felt her inn room thank u” – Samuel D., Seneca Falls, NY

“Billy is an Angel and a Great Reader, he is caring and accurate; his readings have been correct for me in past!” – Alena V., Appleton, WI

“Billy is a beautiful, gifted soul! He connects directly to spirit. His delivery is UNIQUE as he relays to your pictures and words from spirit. He knew that I am very pale skinned with dark hair, knew my age. Relayed words verbatim from a person I know!. Please call this man if you want to know the heart of your situation. Do not rush him, do not obsess over time frames! LISTEN to what he has to say. The information he gives is nuggets of gold! He will tell you what you NEED TO KNOW, not nonsense! This man is a true talent and will only develop it further. A beautiful heart and talented intuitive! Highly recommended, a rare gem!” – Diana N., Bradenton, FL

“interesting type of read… accurate” – Eva C., Malvern, ARK

“Wow, tuned into so much… I’m going to take advice and see what happens. It’s like Billy was getting in his head, and trying to figure him out.” – Marra R.,Nashua, NH

“I am really sorry that I couldn’t continue this call. Billy’s detail is scary and the things that he saw during my reading were unexpected. Awesome reading!” – Erica B., Cincinnati, OH

“Billy is without a doubt a true and genuine psychic soul. He told me such crazily specific detail about W, I was amazed. He radiates psychic energy and gives you real deal information. He sees W reaching out–distance was still the main problem–but he will want to touch base –or something, seems he doesn’t know what he wants. I’m not clear when but in some way. I’m pretty much moving on. W’s “deal-breaker” condition was an excuse. Regarding David, not sure, although Billy says there’s this weird emphasis on the “physical”, meaning attraction I guess but David is unlikely to want any involvement. Billy is a marvel to experience, call him.” – Heather K., Riverside, CA

“I spoke to Billy one month ago and he told me that my guy Brian would be coming back. He did come back almost to the day that he said it. He was also very accurate with a description of our relationship and it’s issues as well as Brian’s age, hair color, and personality description. He also was able to describe me and guessed my age. He is really very talented and I will continue to use him all the time. Thanks Billy!” – Lenora R., St. Joseph, MO

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“Billy is a uniquely gifted and strong psychic. His readings are full of information that tracks with your situation. He gives rare insight into events and people. He looked deeply into the situation I asked about and pegged the motivations and some amazing key details with astounding accuracy. I feel very ‘taken care of’ when having him read for me in that he really goes deep and pulls substance, he does not blow smoke, ever. He sees W as wanting control but felt did not have it. He will contact ( not real clear when). Billy shared great insight that painted a clearer picture for me. He is one of the VERY BEST intuitive you will find anywhere, period.” – Justine T., North Scottsdale, AZ

“Billy was awesome. He was clear, concise, and answered the questions accurately. He knew things about my relationship in detail that I never told anyone. I can’t wait to hear the next reading.” – Lisa W., Tacoma, WA

“Thank you so much. Sorry, I ran out of money but Billy you have given answers that I needed to know. The things you have told me are so true.” – Jessica L., Boynton, FL

“Great call! Billy is a nice guy, easy to talk to. My reading was clear and right on point/ He was able to pick up on issues in my relationship and described many details clearly and accurately. Got great comfort and guidance from this call. I would definitely recommend Billy and will be calling him again soon. Thank you for a great reading!” – Juliann, J., Windsor, Nova Scotia

“Billy’s readings were very eye-opening. I feel that he has a natural gift because of what he told of my past and present was all true. I was reminded that life is short and I now have a more purposeful direction.” – Camille C., Long Branch, NJ

“I’ve done 3 readings with Billy so far, and all of them were incredible! He was very clear about what he read. Thanks to Billy, I now know that the choice I made is the right one.” – Frank R., Cold Spring Harbor, NY

“Billy is truly one of a kind. words cannot describe the reading that I received from him tonight. names, descriptions I mean the list goes on and on. Your reading was extremely accurate and mind-blowing. Thank you so much Billy. Will call again. 10 stars!!! 🙂 – Melissa E., Monmouth, OR

“Unbelievable, what a powerful experience. Billy made me feel very safe and allowed me to confirm what I already felt. His Birth chart reading was incredible too. Thank you so much.”- Alex B., Salt Lake City, UT

“Billy’s readings are direct and to the point. He does not waste your time and utilizes his knowledge and gift looking at the positive energy in your life. I have no knowledge of the cards, he explained to me clearly what my cards meant to me without me having to explain my life to him.” – Theresa H., Oceanside, NY

“I connect with my ex. Trying to reconcile. Thru this talented psychic. Empathy. He says things she would say only in her way. I now have the advantage of knowing what is real. Very talented. Gift” – Sam G., Lincoln, IL

“Billy did several readings for me and for my friends Tina, Chris, Gus, and Brian through me. Every reading was accurate, easy to understand, and most importantly gave me a succinct direction on where my path will lead me. I can’t wait until my next reading!!! I find it truly amazing that he can do an accurate reading for one of my friends through me while on the phone. Unbelievable!!! I highly recommend Billy as it could be a truly life-changing experience.” – Denise A., Kings Park, NY

“Wow!! Billy is an amazing reader!! His reading was right in alignment with what has happened in my life, in the past, and what’s going on right now! He also had given me a lot of hope for my future about love and my finances. He has great insight and he’s funny too!! Can’t wait for my next reading!” – Tina R., Boston, MA

“Billy read for me while I was driving. I was very impressed with his intuition of my son who he has never met before. He told me that my son would be joining the Marines but first, there would be an ending of a relationship and friendships. A couple of days later and my son has just broken up with his girlfriend. In addition to this, my son has expressed to me that there is an important figure in his life that he is very close to and indecisive about leaving. This is the older grey-haired man that Billy spoke about! I will refer Billy to anyone, as I feel he has a special gift and so much to offer people. He is truly worth trying. Good luck and God Bless!” – Dina T., Chester, NY

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The Client feedback for Psychic Billy Caputo below is from Keen where he was Top Psychic Advisor. Search Billy Caputo Psychic.

    • “I have read with some very good psychics but Billy is by far the best ever. After he told what he was thinking and what to expect, we talked and everything was exactly like he said. He is now my #1 go-to psychic.”
    • “Spectacular reading from a man’s perspective!! He read the guy so well. I think he just saved me of 6 months of pain and suffering.”
    • “Always five stars for me, Billy always comes through with exact details, confirmations, and truth I need. A very gifted advisor and friend I have come to trust. “
    • “Follow up from my reading on 1/26 long overdue, everything Billy predicted a month ago has come through. He is hands down the best. Timelines are always right, call him and you won’t be disappointed. TY Billy.”
    • “Awesome…amazing…got the person perfectly…1 million stars!!! Thank u!!!”
    • “AMAZING! Billy is an incredibly clear channel. He knew my age and the person in question’s age, knew my appearance, and most importantly of all tuned into the HEART of the situation. Knew that an important letter I had sent had been received, knew what the letter looked like. Also picked up on someone else in my life, knew their age as well. Amazing. Knew that the person in question writes and plays music, very deeply understood the reasons for this difficult situation without being told anything. But MOST IMPORTANTLY, Billy received information that shed light on the heart of the matter, telling me the reasons and the hows. Please give him a call, every cent is well spent.”
    • “Billy you were GREAT! You completely pegged W and his motivation for being so defensive–finances, worried about losing his independence, taking the big leap in moving and moving away from family. He may have been less than honest about moving all along. You see him ‘writing’ some kind of doc? when he contacts–you see we could fall back onto a repeat pattern…hmm. But I will meet another significant one if I put myself ‘out there’.You are obviously VERY very gifted and a real gentleman to speak to. I will call again! Take good care with Sandy!”

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