“Shadow People”. This implies that the person or entity that appears shadow like is not solid but exactly what a shadow is; dark, transparent and fleeting.

I was mulling over Shadow People for awhile and was startled when I again saw a reference to it on a ghost show on TV. Based on the circumstances surrounding shadow people in this instance, it appears that they are spirits that cannot move on to the other side. From the stories I’ve read, it’s not uncommon to read that they killed themselves, were in a car accident, were the victim of a homicide, or some other pre-natural death. Even small children who were able to speak to Shadow People said that the reason they were still here is that, “They can’t go to heaven.” In other words, stuck in this lower vibrational realm.

Shadow PeopleShadow People aren’t materialized enough to see in full, but have presented enough energy to be seen in a fleeting manner, or even in the corner of one’s eyes. It is my opinion because their mass is not as dense as ours, they don’t reflect light in the same manner that a solid form does, such as ourselves or objects in the room. I find it interesting that some ghosts can materialize in a more dense form than others. Some are completely invisible, some are shadows and some are full apparitions appearing as physical.

I think Shadow People are separate from residual hauntings where a violent event has imprinted itself onto the fabric of time and space. It’s like a video recording that plays over and over despite the actors having moved on to other things.

Like any spirit that is stuck here, we can try to talk to them, to encourage them to move to the light, or ask for a more divine assistance in helping them move on. Some Shadow People don’t want to leave until they feel something here is resolved or they are too attached to a person or place. All spirits do have more than one opportunity to move on so it’s a matter of time before they do, with or without our help.

The following are quotes from our web site where people have talked about Shadow People. I’ve copied them here so you can get an idea of a typical quote.


“I was living in my old house that was really close to Wilson’s Creek Battlefield and I can swear there was a shadow or something in my house.”

“My grandson finally admitted to his mom today that he has been seeing both shadow people and spirits that apparently have not passed.”

“I noticed one shadow figure would come and go in my vision in the same place. I focused on it and smiled. It seemed to wave at me. This got my attention because none of the others really moved as much, and none seemed to have limbs. It slowly seemed to appear as my partner, in the clothes we buried him in.”

“As I was drifting off, suddenly a huge shadow appeared from my right side above my head from the top of the bed. It was a blackness that was so dark that it was the opposite of void. It had substance; it was a thing.”

“I see shadows. That is why I joined this group. They range in color from black, to grey (most often), to white.”

“Sometimes, when I am in a relatively calm state, or in a very anxious or scared state, I see these shadowy forms. They appear in the edges of my vision, and then when I try to focus on them, they literally run away.”

“I was 10 years old, in fourth grade. I awoke with a chill on my feet. Moved a bit to warm myself up, but it didn’t work. I sat up and looked in front of me. There I saw a shadowed figure, the felt and saw the presence of a man. The energy I got from him was sorrow. I was petrified from fear, and masked by sadness. I looked back at the end of my bed and he was gone.”