What is the emotional state of the arriving spirit in heaven? How do they feel?

Again that has to do with their spiritual consciousness. Initially they still have much, as we have said, earthbound energies and connections and can bring forth some of that with them. And it takes the assistance of your spirit guide and your loved ones to help you understand your new form. Though you do not carry pain with you, and when you cross over, you do not take the anger and bitterness with you, you will oftentimes be quite confused as to your new experience because, though it is nothing like what you experienced on earth, you are still able to realize that you are continuing on. Oftentimes in mass and sudden deaths the new spirits are confused

What knowledge do we take with us after death to the afterlife?

You take all of your knowledge with you–everything you have learned through books, everything you have learned through your experiences, everything you have learned through your emotions, for these are all things that help you evolve as a spirit.

Appearance in Heaven

When a person dies, and their soul departs their body, what form does that spirit or soul take?

Spirit will be able to choose its appearance. If a 101-year old individual dies and wants to be back in the body of –say its prime was at 25–that’s how that individual experienced the prime of their life–they feel that they would experience it at 25. That is how they will appear. Again this has so much to do with the evolution of the individual.

Oftentimes those who have evolved so quickly in this lifetime spiritually will simply evolve into a form of light or an apparition in a body form at the prime of their life but will choose to only be in a garment of white robes. Because you on earth so need to have a physical description of much, and many times we cannot describe the events that take place clearly enough in your limited experiences.

But an individual who dies–again we will use the example of a 101 year old –will have said I was much happier during this era–this was the prime of my life–and that’s how their physical transformation will appear to them and to those who they are being greeted by. Even though there will be those who might be greeting them who did not know them at that time in their life at all but will know that it is them and greet them with a knowingness of love.

Those who have achieved a higher evolution in life often just choose to make the earth to spirit transition time a very quick time and do not immediately go into the form of spirit they are once they are established in their life in heaven, but go into, for lack of a better description, angelic form and not find it necessary to go into any past physical form.

Shortly after death, a spirit assumes a form associated with how they appeared in the prime of life. The question I have is–what clothing would this form have and would this clothing selection change later in heaven?

The clothing selection they would have would be the same selection that they were wearing at that time of their life, so if it was someone who had passed over in the 60’s and that was their prime of life, they would be dressed in clothes that they were comfortable with at that time. After a period of time, once a soul has moved over to the other side, they lose that human form all together and so it doesn’t matter how they appear because they are being perceived in the form of true energy that they really are.

Again we would say to you though that the person that appears in their prime of life is not just what they consider their prime of life but, if they were to appear to several, each would perceive him in what they considered the prime of his life and each one of you probably would be perceiving him in a different vision.

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