Answer: I blame horror movies and the terrible real deeds of the Inquisition on this one. In times not far distant, any person—but especially women—were burned, tortured, or otherwise killed if they were thought to be witches, heretics, or otherwise possess supernatural powers. Obviously, this is a violation of human rights, but it’s left a flavor of distrust and suspicion in our cultural subconscious about people with supernatural powers. This is exploited by horror movies that depict scary possessed children or creepy ladies exhorting us to “go to the light.” No wonder people are afraid of what psychics do!

The truth is, psychics—intuitives, guides, astrologers, palmists etc.—are just regular people who have developed certain skills and abilities, just like a musician, athlete, or artist develops their abilities. We are everyday people who just want to help people using our particular gifts.

Now, just like there are flamboyant musicians and low-key musicians and everything in between, different psychics take different approaches. Some of us ply our trade for spiritual development and others for entertainment. One isn’t better than another—but it’s important that you choose the right type for you.

A psychic is a regular person, and so their degree of “badness” or “goodness” is the same as anyone else. This is a debatable and subjective judgment, and one person’s good is another person’s bad. You need to use your discernment when choosing a psychic, just like choosing a doctor. Pick someone you like who has the experience and credentials that make you comfortable.

A psychic can’t do you any kind of spiritual or supernatural harm. We can’t put a spell on you, hypnotize you, or otherwise take away your power unless you agree to that with full consciousness—but it’s extremely unlikely we’d want to do that in the first place.