Q & A: What if I Hear Something I don’t Like During A Psychic Reading? ~ Billy Caputo

Well, if you are asking a psychic to reveal an aspect of your future (which is actually not the best use of our skills), there is a possibility you may hear something you don’t like. You have free will, and a psychic can only look at probabilities based on your current choices and trajectory. You can always make new choices which can nullify what a psychic has seen, so if you don’t want to hear “bad news” about your future, I’d advise you avoid asking questions that involve the future. I know, I know—the future is a fascinating topic that everyone wants to know about. But psychics can help with so much more than just reading your past or future; they can help remove blocks to relationship happiness, read your chakras and aura, help guide your career, heal heartbreak, and more!


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