Greetings Everyone!

Hurricane Sandy:

Mother Nature sure did hit the New Jersey and New York area pretty hard this October! I was very fortunate to only lose power for a week. So many lost their homes and everything. God Bless those who lost loved ones and may everyone effected have the patience, faith and strength to get through this.  It was very hard to live without power but thankfully i was able to stay connected to the outside world by way of my smartphone. I wound up sleeping in my truck every night for a few hours just to stay warm and charge my cell phone. My place was Freezing but I kept warm wearing coats, hats and gloves.

It felt like Christmas when the power came back on. The first thing I did was take a very needed and hot shower. I then turned on the TV and could not believe all of the destruction i seen on the television. Places that i had gone to in NJ so many times were now destroyed and gone.

I made my donation to the Red Cross. Every little bit helps. My prayers go out to all those struggling to get through these tough times. And to those reading this, I wish you Health and Happiness! Until next time……~billy