Spirit Orbs visit Psychic Billy Caputo and Minnie. A glimpse of Life after Death of a Soul giving us Communication and validation of the Hereafter 3 to 4 seconds in on the video clip below.

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Billy, a New Jersey and New York Psychic, has an Incredible gift of not only capturing Visual Images and Impressions but also the amazing ability of Channeling & use of Telepathy to help guide and bring Answers to the many Questions he is asked during a reading.

Whether it’s Messages for you from a loved one that has crossed over to the other side or Answers to questions of Will You Find Your True Love and Soulmate or can you mend a relationship thats come undone and lost it’s way, Billy can Help.

He’s helped thousands of people all over the World!

201 315 5587

Click the ORB and SPIRIT Visitation Youtube Video Below: