My Surgery, 10 Winners Chosen for a Psychic Reading…and 5 More To Be Chosen!

Some of you are aware that I underwent a pretty Intense surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital, NYC in early May 2018. If you were following me on my Personal FB page, periodical updates and photo’s were posted. I knew it would be a tough surgery BUT when things are that bad in life, You will do ANYTHING for Help. I’m still trying to mentally and physically process things as I write. I won’t lie, it’s been a struggle but I’ve had struggles before.  I’ve been battling my situation for the last few years, having had 2 other major surgery’s, one in November 2016 and then another in February 2017. Both in NJ. I don’t like wearing a collar around my neck 24-7 but as long as in the long run things work out, a little bit of pain will have been worth it all for a good life in the future, right? I’m being patient with this this whole ordeal. tick tock tick tick tick….

THANK YOU FRIENDS! I remember being read and seeing all of the KIND and LOVING posts on my fb page, wishing me well and to get better. That really felt good! Most of you know that I primarily speak about doing Psychic Readings on the page and not much about my personal life. I mean some know MORE and some Know very little. IT’s ok though because my focus is really about trying to help other’s with Psychic Readings and to Connect with Their Passed Loved Ones. I also do Birth Charts as well and write blogs too. All of this takes a lot of time. There is a lot of behind the scenes that takes up a lot of time but it’s what I do and Love. I get to meet so many wonderful new friends all over the world. Young and old-er, ha… We really have no age but in this place of life but, I like new friends.

So anyway, in appreciation for the outpouring of LOVE and Support for me, Last Week, I decided to Choose 10 Random people from my email list and gave away 10 FREE Readings. I also decided that I am going to give away 5 more FREE Readings this week. If you are on my email list, Please check your emails this week up until Friday. Obviously, Everyone wants a reading but readings take a lot time-which I just don’t have. I also need time to heal and Free time to enjoy the things i love – such as Technology. Again, many of you MIGHT know of this from FB posts. (PLEASE NO fb emails or messaging. If you’d like to be on my email list, type in your name and email in the box of any page of my website.) You can always schedule a reading with me even if you don’t win you know. My email list at this point is quite extensive. I remember a long time ago when i only had about 20 emails and now, I don’t even know anymore. Marianne and Elana know.

One last thing before I close out with photo’s friends.

If you are surrounded by those who are not TRYING to do something-ANYTHING with their own lives but Complain, then it’s probably time that you cut the cord on those relationships to save yourself the endless wasted time and energy trying to help those who don’t want to be helped nor want to help themselves. Some call this Tough Love but it’s the Only way.

If You are perhaps on the opposite side of the Fence here, well I say, If you like the Results of which you keep getting, Keep doing what you do. You know, as an example, I hear so many ppl tell me how they have SO MUCH PAIN, their backs and so on hurt, and I ask them, Have you gone to get an MRI or maybe an X-ray and they say. Nah, I’m in so much pain. Have you checked in with a Chiropractor or Massage for relief and help and they say, No, I’m in so much pain. I live with it. I say, have you tried stretching, watching your diet or thought of changing? They say, Nah, I’m in so much pain. Let me go order a pizza. I ask, Have you been to the dr to check things out and they say…Yep, you guessed it, No, I’m in so much Pain. I’m gonna go play on Facebook. Really?! Ppl who are having real struggles in life GO FOR HELP. They Help Themselves. And honestly, I just let 7 long time friends go in my life because they were not making the necessary progressive changes they needed to make so that we could grow together. It’s ok because we are always evolving and changing in life; friends, jobs, cars, looks, interests friends and more. With all of them I had held on to hope that they would change for years and as my surgery approached, I decided I needed to declutter and focus on my health. My 1 friend STILL doesn’t have a smartphone but cries how much pain they are in without seeing any dr’s yet spent $60k last year on new teeth flying to Vegas multiple times! Yes, i know, and agree..WTH?! I know, i know..ppl will say you are a Psychic, you can’t say these things but I say, I am human. I know that I’m not perfect, nor some of the friends I let go of but i needed to LOSE to GAIN. Does that make sense?

Anyway, Stay away from those who drain your energy’s. I always ask myself, what’s to gain by prolonging anything? Get it Done and over with is basically how I tend to live my life. Why waste time? I wish Health and Happiness for Everyone. Those who Love and care about you TELL you the TRUTH. Don’t Lose those of us. We want you to be Winners NOT Helpless.

Lenox Hill Hos., NYC

My Ford Explorer ~ I like the older Edition models. What can I say, I’m “Old School”. Miss Driving!!

My B-day was May 14..This year, it didn’t fall on Mother’s day. My Mom’s been gone 20 years now.

2 more Beautiful B day Balloons! The Best Balloons I’ve Ever Received!


Minnie! Many ask about Minnie. She is a wonder. She has her own fb page. Send her a friend request!


The new Samsung Galaxy s 9+. 1 of 4 new phones i bought this year. Sold my s 8 + and LG V 20

Just as I got home from the Hospital, A Heat Wave came Thru NJ and NY and my AC Went. OMFG. I was in pain and then dying of the heat! Unfortunately, I had to purchase a new Portable AC on wheels. I highly recommend them. Thanks to Tony Sarraguso for helping bring this up!

Minnie helping me with Rest in between Readings and Birth Charts. Boy, do i look dead. ha ..Again, I THANK YOU for the Love and kind words. If you have any questions re: Readings, In box, call or navigate through my website. Psssst…You are on it right now! 🙂

Xox Billy