Psychic Tarot Card Readings-FINAL-GP

Hi Friends! Well, I think I’ve finally got a business card design that I like. I hope that you like too.

My 2013 Predictions:

Ok, so here I am again with some predictions for 2013. I came about these visions and thoughts either by meditating or instant thoughts. Also, see my 2012 predictions as well.
Employment does not get any better. More living on Governemnt aid such as Food Stamps, Unemployment etc Many living below and within their means.
Housing continues to struggle. More Foreclosures. Bank rates rising.
Piers Morgans last year on CNN
A lot more megastorms coming up the East Coast
Bunny Ranch in Nv will burn
Lady Gaga ..when i heard that she canceled shows due to hip problems I saw another health problem- lupus or some autoimmune issue that she is hiding.
Hillary to be next President. When announced that she was stepping down as secretary of state i immediately saw her running for office. This is the first step in preparing for the run.
Jimmy Fallon leaving his show.
While I dont see Apple iPHone fans getting what they want most-a bigger screen size smartphone, i do see an Apple TV. I see Apple using their large screen comps as both a computer and tv hook up.
And last, though i may add to this later if any new things come to mind, I see Tv’s as light as 5 lbs being invented. So light to move and hang anywhere. portable just like our smartphones!

My 2012 predictions were made and sent out by email to many dated May 20, 2012.

1. President Obama wins another Election term -2012
2. Pope Bennedict is gone from the Catholic church – Dec. 2012
3. Iran has a nuclear accident at one of their plants which effects and kills many near the nuclear plant – 201 3
4. Greater Technology discovered and 10 times faster. Mobile and portable device speeds now will be looked at in terms of dial-up speeds seven years ago. Technology also allows for the fazing out of cable wires for home phone/computer/tv.
5. War breaks out between Israel and Iran by end of 2012. Unfortunately this brings in all of the super power countries such as Pakistan, India, Russia, China and the USA. This is not the end of the world but the beginning of a new way of life and uncertainty. if there was ever a place for it all to begin The middle East is it.
6. Waters flood downtown NYC in 2012.. .
7. Paper money begins to lose its worth. A universal card is being tested which would make it translatable anywhere in the world.
8. Level standards of living lowers for 70 % of the Americans. Job losses continues into 2014.
9. Global warming continues into 2013. More bad weather events for the East Coast- like the Hurricane that hit the east coast last August.
1 0 . More melt downs continue for banks and real estate in 2012 and on.
1 1 . I see the planet unable to sustain any life by 2042 due to it’s rulers and their beliefs, finances, wars, famine, natural disasters etc.
1 2 . Gov’t tests having it’s own banking institution as in its health care of Medicare/medicaid. Not quite sure when, fuzzy thought.
1 3 . For most people relationships can not last but for only the love of children. Reason: dysfunctional upbringings and a society that understands we are not made to be forever with one person. We are meant to have many experiences and expansion in learning.
1 4 . Male Birth control pill arrives in 2018 and men flock for it. No longer will women have the control in getting pregnant.

So there you have it. Until next time……..Blessings, Billy