How Do You Find Mr. Right? The Secret Is Right Here! 

Disney movies, chick flicks and mushy romantic novels have brainwashed us into thinking that there is a Mr. Right waiting for you.
Leaving us with a deep desire to fall crazy in love with the guy of our dreams and drive off into the sunset and live happily ever after.

Don’t get me wrong my aim is  not to “kill your buzz” or destroy the last bit of hope you have for having the perfect love story.

But have you ever thought of it this way, the same guy who is suppose to be Mr. Right is only human with flaws and imperfections?  Selfish of you to expect a “Mr.Right” when you have your own personal flaws. Surely Mr. Right can’t settle for Miss. Ok!

You keep searching and falling in and out of relationships leaving you heartbroken and lonely hoping that maybe the next guy will be Mr. Right. Believe me, I see with all of my female friends and clients. The next guy will not be Mr. Right.

For the  first few months you  might feel like you’re on a honeymoon and in a blink of an eye, issues will come to the surface and this is where compromise and hard work plays a great role! Just like any relationship whether it be family or friendships it has to constantly be worked on. You just can’t pack up and leave as soon as one makes a mistake or messes up. In order to grow in the relationship, you have to work on it everyday.

Once you stop looking for Mr. Right and embrace your partner with the little flaws and imperfections and work on your own weaknesses and flaws, you will soon see that you have found Mr. For You and you’ll live happily ever after.

Good luck finding Mr. For Youyou never know he might just beat you to it and find you first!

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