Interview With Billy Caputo

Psychic Billy Caputo is an amazing psychic based in New Jersey and New York who does Incredible readings over the phone. He is gifted with clairvoyance, telepathy, channeling and remote viewing – which is how he can is able to do such accurate readings by phone. He is also the author of seven books.

His Readings stem from that on love and future career moves to channeling spirits so people can speak to their departed loved ones. Billy also has an ability for making predictions that come true. Here he wants to explains how his psychic gifts work, and what he can help people with.

Billy, how did you discover your gifts?

Well, I began reading my mother’s emotions and what she would do next at a young age, about 7. I was always reading other’s but as a kid and teenager, you have no understanding of why or how you can see or predict things. You are just beginning to develop as a soul.My real passion was music and I also started at a young age playing drums and singing. I also learned guitar and bass and spent enormous amounts of time and money on this passion. There was no outlet for talking about or understanding being a psychic. It was not like it is today with all of the paranormal shows and social pages and websites on the psychic world. I was blessed to be in two very successful bands,played in front of thousands of people and also released 5 cd’s, all of which I wrote. Music was my emotional and psychic outlet but I never spoke about seeing things or the ability to channel others who have crossed over to the other side because I knew people would think I was crazy if I did that back in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. After spine surgery in 1997 and my mother’s death on Thanksgiving in 1998, and then my dad’s death in 1999, is really when i started to write things down and communicate with my family and see more images and sound out names and all kinds of things.This would not make sense to the normal person.

How do you explain something that others can’t see, feel or hear? I.e., we know energy is all around us but how do you explain that? Have you ever had the phone ring and you know who it was and there they are – that person you knew was calling! How do you explain what doesn’t make sense in the linear world and mind? Humans naturally want to feel, taste, smell, hear and see.

Are your readings over the phone really as accurate as one in person?

Yes, in fact, phone readings are much better for me because there are no distractions. I am very sensitive to sounds. I also ask my clients to call from a quiet place and with a clear phone line. I tried doing readings at paces, flea markets and live settings but there was too much distraction for my mind. I do my readings with complete silence, a dark setting and pen and paper nearby. A lot of times my eyes are closed to feel for answers for my clients. Almost like Stevie Wonder, who is blind, moves his head feeling the sound and motions of

What are the most common questions that people call you with?

Love! Love and relationship questions. Actually because of my many readings with thousands of people all around the world, I’ve learned quite a bit and have written 7 books, some of which are self-help books and others about love, breakups and Finding your true love. Writing is something I’ve always done. Whether its lyrics for songs in the past, my thoughts down in a journal or blogs for my website. I am always writing!

The only question that bothers me is “Can I get a free reading?

I don’t think many realize how much time and energy it takes to really answer their questions and they also don’t understand that psychics need to have their own time. We are not always on when we want to be. I tell many people in my neighborhood and new folks that I meet that I do IT work. This saves my sanity, gives me peace of mind. I have to otherwise I will fall apart emotionally. Think of celebrities who can’t go anywhere or do anything without
people wanting something from them. It’s very stressful so what works best for me is to tell those around me, who are acquaintances that I do technology work…which I actually do with coding and website design. I also know a lot about smartphones. That’s my other big interest.

Do you keep track of how accurate your predictions are?

Sometimes. I remember predicting that the Pope would be out of office in April 2012 and that NYC would be under water in April 2012. This was 9 and 6 months before the Pope resigned and Hurricane Sandy hit lower Manhattan in NYC. First, there had never been a Pope to resign before. Most would pass away before that position would be open again. And Hurricane Sandy hit us here in NYC so hard that the subways and lower New York was under water. The Hudson River was one with the streets of NYC. There are just too many predictions I have made but those two stand out the most at the moment.

Can your skills be learnt by others, or do you need to be born with them?

I believe we all are born with an antenna to connect to the other side of life and to answers and perceptions but sometimes the signals are not as strong for some as they are for others. We all have a special talent and gift but sometimes we need a little help to bring that Gift from the spirit out. I actually have a course I’m teaching called The Psychic Business. I work one to one by phone with my students to find what their gifts are and how they can help others while earning money. There is no one teaching a course like I am. I guarantee results. If anyone is interested in learning more they can always send an email to my office (see details at the bottom) but I can only take on 2-3 more new students in the USA.

Do you only speak to American clients or do you work with international callers as well?

I primarily do readings with people all over the United States. Some are in Canada some as far away as the Netherlands and Hawaii. Language barriers and different time zones are hindrances. I work a lot but I love what I do. Actually, I shouldn’t say WORK because I love meeting new people and doing psychic readings by phone. Each psychic reading is like a new canvas I get to paint. Or a puzzle I get to figure out and put together. Clients always come back for readings and it feels good to help them.

Are there any topics that you don’t answer questions about?

I’m open to all questions from my clients but I don’t like to talk about Hell or extreme religions. Prayer is important and you can pray to God or any other source but for me, I pray to God every day for health and happiness for those who are physically and mentally suffering. I understand and feel them. They need love, help and support. I watch the news a lot and pray for those who have met dangers and count my blessings for what i have.

Do you use any additional tools in your readings, like Tarot cards or Ouija boards?

I don’t use them. Actually, some friends have given me Tarot decks as gifts over the years and I’ve bought some myself at metaphysical shops but I just don’t understand them. They don’t resonate with me. The Ouija board is very fascinating and intriguing to me but from what I know, I cannot put myself in a place to have something attach to me. I don’t recommend the Ouija board to others either because you are placing yourself in harm’s way –
potentially opening up a portal to very unhappy wandering lost souls. But many of my students use Tarot decks, palm read, astrology and such. Actually, I do astrology charts but I am not an astrologist. I’ve been interested in
astrology since I was about 20 years old. It’s an amazing science. I’m a Taurus btw.

Tell us about your Psychic Business Course ?

I put together a course called The Psychic Business Course to help others discover their psychic abilities, to help other’s and to prosper. Many people I meet are truly very Intuitive but haven’t found a way to open up their inner psychic gifts that we all possess. Many people have a great interest in the Metaphysical and Paranormal world. It’s intriguing. That’s why many paranormal shows on tv have such good ratings. But, yeah, My Course is going to help You in all of those areas, particularly the business end. I personally work one on one
with those who pick up my course. They have all had great success.

To Know more ; Reach Billy at his website :,
Phone: 201 315 5587.