How You Can Learn Telepathy ~ Billy Caputo

How can I learn telepathy?  Do I need to be born with the gift?  How does telepathy work?  Is is the same thing as being psychic, or a medium or is it more like mind reading…..or, is a different type of skill set altogether?

Telepathy is often an umbrella term that refers to lots of  different psychic skills or abilities.

For example?  Some types of telepathy, like “remote viewing” have been proven in studies done by the CIA – and recently, in 2017, a number of studies done years ago with Uri Geller were published, appearing to show his gifts were widely accepted as real by US govt scientists and officers.

Other forms of telepathy are often used to explain how some psychic mediums for example, are able to get detailed information about people who have crossed over and passed on, as some skeptics argue that they are NOT speaking to the dead, but rather reading the minds of the people who are coming to see them.

Telepathy has even been demonstrated in different sets of twins and may hold some secrets into the idea of an extended consciousness that binds us all.

Want to learn how to improve your own telepathic connection to someone you love, or even the world at large?

Meditation and visualization are two very important skills to cultivate.

The reason why you might want to strengthen your psychic skills in the first place?

You’ll find a regular meditation practice can open up your awareness to incredible amounts of insight, intuition and information, and regardless of whether you are reading minds (telepathy) or just tapping into the consciousness of the universe itself, it’s an amazing adventure, and experience that anyone can learn.