Shutting the Door on Your Psychic Abilities?

Shutting the door on your psychic abilities because you’re afraid of the responsibilities associated with these gifts is understandable, but I encourage you to keep the door open and learn how to discern and work with the information.

I’ve seen this happen with other students who have prophetic visions that frighten them. The students think that if they stop coming to class, their third eye will shut down and the visions will stop, but that’s not how it goes. I always encourage students to hang in there and understand their visions rather than try to deny them. As they soon learn, denying them doesn’t stop them.

Not all psychics get prophetic visions of disasters, and I’ve found that the ones who do get them have been getting them on and off for most of their life. It isn’t psychic development that makes a person have prophetic visions. It’s psychic development that helps you understand them, and that helps you distinguish between visions that are truly prophetic and those that are actually the products of your fears or ego.