It is not easy maintaining a long distance relationship. Communicating with each other honestly and frequently is the key to having a stable, loving relationship when you are living in different cities. It often gets difficult managing expectations and establishing mutual objectives in such cases. Then there are issues of trust, independence and fidelity as well. However, all these can be managed provided you use some tried and tested easy ways and time management strategies to find enjoyment in the relationship despite the distance involved.

1. See things from the other’s perspective

Oftentimes, people in a long distance relationship (or any relationship with issues for that matter) are concerned only about themselves. They only go “me, me, me…” all the time. Most overlook the feelings of their partner as they are only thinking of themselves. It is very important in a long distance relationship to see things from the other person’s perspective. This is the key to maintaining a long distance relationship.

2. Do little things to show you care

Even though you are far apart, you must take the time do little things to show your partner that you care. It can be as little as sending her/him an “I love you” text, a handwritten letter, an email picture of yourself or a small gift. Make an effort to take an interest in her/his interests.


3. Get to know each other and keep learning

Often people decide upon starting a long distance relationship but fail at maintaining it. The main reason for this is that phone calls start becoming dreaded affairs as there is nothing to talk about. To avoid that, it is essential to ask the right questions. There are many ways to get your partner talking and you can use these 100 questions to ask your partner. This can help you keep learning about your partner and keep phone calls, text messages and emails interesting.

4. Trust each other

This is the most important long distance relationship test. A thumb rule to follow: do not distrust someone unless they have given you a reason to. Has your partner cheated on you before? Never accuse your partner unless you know for sure. Often long distance relationships fail because there is an underlying issuestraining it. Just because your partner does not do something as expected does not mean that you accuse them of cheating. It is okay to feel insecure but if you do, do not hesitate to share your insecurities with your partner. Keeping communication open is very important for maintaining a long distance relationship. If you think your partner is cheating, then it is important that you ask.

5. Plan for the future

If you are clear about starting a long distance relationship, then you must be willing to let your life change drastically. Naturally, a relationship cannot remain long distance forever. At least one person is going to have to move, if not both. It is important that you are both willing to move. If there is love in the relationship, then this shouldn’t be a problem. The main thing is to take the relationship seriously and stay committed throughout.

6. Meet as often as possible


This is the key to maintain a long distance relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend. One of the best romantic ideas in a long distance relationship is a surprise visit every once in a while. You can of course also plan and meet, since planned dates give a huge boost to any relationship. If making a trip every now and then is expensive, save up for it. Try and split the cost if it helps. Whatever it takes, know that it is worth the trouble. You must also be reasonable though: do not blow up all your savings if you are unable to afford traveling.

7. Communicate regularly

Sending special long distance relationship messages from time to time can help keep the romantic spark alive in long distance relationships. Whatever you do, it is important that you talk daily. Some couples do not communicate for weeks, which is rather extreme. You need not talk several hours each day, but at least be regular. These days, there are many free messaging and calling services to help you keep your bills low.

8. Use online tools

This is an obvious and easy way to keep your girlfriend or boyfriend happy in a long distance relationship. Start using face to face video chats to not just to talk but also actually cook together, have a proper date together, play romantic games and, yes, even have sex! Have a date night once a week where you watch the same movie, eat the same meal or simply chat longer than usual.

9. Have a life

Do not forget your family and friends in the process of maintaining a long distance relationship. Your relationship might consume a fair amount of your time, but try not to let it do so. Balance your love life with your everyday home life. Do not keep saying no to friends and family members who ask you out. Your boyfriend/girlfriend can be your priority but you need not discount your friends all the time.

10. Handle arguments maturely

Yes-there are going to be fights even in a long distance relationship. Never hang up the phone or interrupt your partner. Listen to what they have to say. Tell them how you feel when they do not do things you expect them to do. Whatever you do, avoid the cold-shoulder technique which is as bad as hanging up. Whatever you do, do not put off conflict; deal with it right away. Also avoid having an argument via text message-it is best to speak things out on the phone.