Rejection hurts-whether it is in a relationship, a job application, academics or pretty much anywhere in life. Feeling rejected can rob you off your present and can even lead to a fear of future. Whether in professional or personal life, you are going to hear NO quite often. This can be hurtful but there are some ways to cope with it. Here’s some easy ways to handle rejection:

1. Don’t take it personally

‘No’ does not always mean a feedback. It simply means that life is neutral and you should not let that become a label. Congratulate and applaud yourself that you at least took the bold step of ‘trying’. Many people go through life filled with regrets of not having tried at all. So stay strong and do not let the rejection become a label.

2. Adjust and move on

It is up to you how you take the rejection: pessimistically or realistically. A rejection is often a way of life telling you to adjust. Perhaps there are steps you can take to better yourself. Was another sales competitor chosen over you? Is there anything you can do to change your pitching skills? Were you rejected by a crush? The latter usually means that there is someone much better in store for you!

3. Expect things to get better

They say that rejection is often an invitation to live in expectation of something better. It simply means that today’s disappointment is making room for tomorrow’s appointment. So keep a positive frame of mind no matter how low you feel.

4. It’s nature’s way of protecting you

Whether or not you believe in God; rejection is often nature’s/God’s way of protecting you. Keep your faith and tell God that you see His protection in the rejection.


5. Take the lesson

Instead of letting rejection consume your present and future, take the lessons and move forward. Do not ask Why? Instead, ask the following:

  • What have I learned from this?
  • Was there any downside to the situation (had I been successful) and that I am grateful is not a burden for me today?
  • Can I do anything to boost my courage and move on?
  • What positive changes in my attitude can I make in this situation to move forward?
  • Is this Nature/God’s way of asking me to do so something so that my tomorrow gets better?

6. Do not talk about your situation on the Internet

Often, when one is dejected, one expresses it on social media. Trashing, bashing or hash-tagging of any kind, especially when you are angry, bitter or hurt, is the last thing to resort to. Internet does not forget and forgive-so stay calm and do not do anything brash. Do not let today’s reaction become tomorrow’s regret.

7. Discover new things about you

Do not let the rejection become a part of your personality. This is the time to discover new things about yourself. Use this present time to invest in yourself, make yourself into a better person whom everybody loves.

8. Convert liabilities into assets

If your crush/job application has rejected you, then know and have faith that whatever they saw as a liability could actually be an asset to someone else. Better yourself and move forward.


9. This too shall pass

You might be feeling intensely negative emotions today; but these will pass. They will ease up and this is just a short term set-back and not a permanent condition.

10. Let the rejection make you not break you

Use this heartbreak to build a better YOU-do not let it destroy or damage you permanently. Have faith in the Universe and the Higher Powers that be to make you stronger and take you farther.

These 10 easy ways to handle rejection can keep you going when times seem tough.