They say: “Never borrow money from a friend and never loan money to a friend”. This is very important if you wish to maintain the friendship. It is never easy asking someone for money they owe you when you know them well and also know that they are unable to pay you back. Sometimes, friends turn foes due to money matters. Many people start avoiding their money lender friends when they cannot pay them back. Here are some easy ways to get someone to pay you.

1. Forget about the money

This is the easiest way to deal with a good friend who owes you money and is avoiding you, especially if the amount is a negligible one. Friendship is more important in some cases and you can choose not to let money come into this equation. However, if it keeps bothering you, you should raise the topic. Forgetting and letting go is sometimes very important for your mental health. Consider it as a small loss and learn from the mistake. Next time a friend asks you for money cite this example and politely but firmly say no.

2. Invite them for food/coffee


Be friendly and polite when asking someone for money they owe you. Ask the person to meet you over coffee/lunch. Gently broach the topic. Assess their reaction. If they are unable to look you into the eye, gently ask them whether they would be able to repay you. If they refuse, ask them the reason. Chances are they are in some deep financial trouble. Give them a bit of time extension if possible, but let them know that they need to pay you back because you have your own issues.

3. Write them a letter/email

An easy way to remind someone that they owe you money is to write them an email or a letter, especially if they are avoiding you or aren’t answering your calls. Make sure that they receive the letter. Keep the tone polite and state that you need the money to make your own payments. This should do the trick in most cases.

4. Stop giving them any more money


This one is a no brainer! Why would you continue lending if you are not able to recover the earlier amount? No matter how much they cry, beg or plead; remain firm. This is especially necessary when someone is not paying you back and yet you see them partying/spending heavily.

5. Next time you hang out, let them cover the expenses

Another easy way to get someone to pay you the money they owe you is to not pick up the tab when you go out with them. Remind them then that they owe you money anyways.

6. Take them to court-as a last resort

For huge sums of money, you can threaten them with legal action-even if the person in question happens to be a good friend. Send them a legal notice and make sure they get it. In most cases, this should do the trick. Most people do not want to handle the nitty gritties of law and would settle out of court. If needed, give them some extra time but ask them to pay the interest as well.

Money is a sensitive matter especially when it comes between friendships. Make sure you learn to distinguish between a genuine case and sly vulture. If a person values the friendship, s/he will definitely pay you back albeit in some time. In the mean time, do not sweat it out. Relax and take comfort in the knowledge that you are a lot wiser and have learned a great deal from this experience.