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Just a few of REAL Client Testimonials:

I was read by Billy Caputo on December 9 and I found him to be extremely accurate.  He hit on many details of my immediate family that he wouldn’t have any prior knowledge. It was a calming experience with the Holidays around the corner because many members of my family have passed.  I highly recommend you experience a reading for yourself.  I’m sure you will not be disappointed. – Maria A., Secaucus, NJ_________________________________________________________________________________________________

First I would like to say Billy was amazing and very nice! He pick up on my Dad’s energy immediately and my Grandfather’s. He told me my Dad was met by my Grandpa when he crossed over. He got my Grandpa’s name right. He hit on how my Dad passed and the date. He also picked up on my dad’s age of 49 years old when he passed and how. He hit briefly on the fact maybe I was a Grandparent, what he didn’t know is that my middle Son just told me yesterday that I was going to be a Grandparent it is a secret. He saw flowers around my husband, which was funny, my husband’s in the Wholesale Flower business. He asked me if I talk to my Dad when I was in the shower, I in fact did talk to my Dad today while I was showering and asked him to come through tonight in my reading. He let me know that my Dad is with me, he hears me when I talk to him, he touch upon something my Dad was holding, I ask my Dad to hold my hand all the time. He told me that my husband needed to take care of himself eat better, move around more, this is a conversation I have with my husband often, he said we weren’t on the same page, which are the exact words I use with him. He said we needed to be like a team with eating and exercising. Those are also the same words I used. It was a great reading, I look forward to many more. He’s the real deal. – Jana L., Virginia Beach, Va.

I still don’t understand how billy could have known that my mom handed me her ring a week before her passing!!!! Billy was 10 days off on her birthday but Still he is amazing. I was referred to Billy by a friend on Long Island, NY. He also sent me a free book. Yes, I will definitely be back for another reading! Highly recommend billy to all. – Ellen R., Sacramento, Ca.

This man is simply amazing. I’ve read with him for 5 years now. I am stubborn and he knows it. I will disagree with a prediction now and then but he always win when they happen as he predicted. For 2 months I’ve disagreed with him about hearing back from a man that never reaches out to me. Billy never changed his prediction and said it would happen as crazy as it sounded. (another psychic will agree with u just for ratings) Sure enough it happened with detail he said “I will feel something is off when I saw him again”. It never made sense but it was exactly how I felt in his presence! Who else can provide such accurate details but only someone who is truly gifted..call him and u won’t find anyone else to read with. – A.C. Salt Lake City UT