How To Love Again? Psychic Billy Caputo

20 Ways To Show Your Love in a Relationship. Must Read!

1. Leave a love note around the house for them

2. Make heart shaped food (cinnamon rolls, pancakes)

3. Get them a small gift they have been wanting just because

4. Text them in the middle of the day just to say I love you

5. Find a picture from when you first dated and write “I’ve loved you for ___ days on the back”

6. Write a note for them on the shower wall from the steam

7. Do one of their chores for them (take out the trash, unload the dishwasher)

8. Leave fun sticky notes around the house for them (milk, toothbrush, etc)

9. Write with lipstick on the bathroom mirror

10. Make their favorite dinner

11. Make a DIY “I love you because…” frame – there a ton of them floating around Pinterest

12. Visit a memorable place from your relationship. Go back to where you kissed for the first time, or proposed, etc.

13. Set an alarm in their phone that will go off in the middle of the day with special words

14. Make a playlist of “your songs” and leave it in their car

15. Compliment them, often.

16. After work scavenger hunt – Start at the front door and leave them notes and hints around the house that lead to you.

17. Hold hands while watching a movie, or walking through a parking lot

18. Recreate your first movie night together

19. Give them a massage after a long day

20. Just say it, “I love you” everyday