Everyone deserves some love and happiness, but with so many fish in the sea it seems to be all too easy to net a few sharks that just aren’t good enough. So it’s time to start getting creative with how you find a boyfriend by thinking outside the box. Here are 10 tips on how to find love…

Go Online

If you’ve never tried online dating before you might be super sceptic about whether or not it actually works. You might have a picture in your head of catfish roaming the sites in a bid to play some mean games with you, or perhaps you think nobody is actually honest about themselves on an online dating site.

According to Forbes, a third of recently married couples met online. Staggering, huh? The truth is that more and more men and women are venturing online to find the love of their life, which ultimately means that if you’re still offline you’re missing out on a vast pool of men.

You can amend the search criteria so that you only look for guys within your preferred age and location range, and because there are plenty of online dating sites out there you can easily choose the one which seems like it would be ideal for you.

Sci-Fi Conventions

Even if you’re not into science-fiction, sci-fi conventions are still a super place to find a man. Okay, so the crowd is a little bit geeky, but this doesn’t mean they’re not fun, intelligent and even hot!

And anyway, guys who weren’t popular at high school often make fantastic boyfriends. The acne has fallen away, the dodgy fringe has gone, the braces have been removed, and bingo! He’s now the hottest man you’ve never dated.

Try A Blind Date

Another tip on how to find love is to try a blind date. I went on a blind date when I was a few years younger, and although it didn’t quite work out for me it DOES work out for some women.

Blind dates are great because you literally have no clue what you’re getting, but because your awesome friends who know you inside and out set you up on it you can at least be sure that you’ll be meeting a guy who has a few things in common with you.

Guy Bars

You’ve probably avoided “guy bars” up until now because they’re for guys and you’d rather put your heels on and go to a sassy cocktail bar with the girls.

But guy bars are great places to meet cool, mysterious and smoking hot men who need a woman to talk to. If you want something different, head on down to a sports bar and offer to shoot some pool with that lonely, cute man at the bar.

Take A Class

If work is taking up all your time at the moment, you might be finding it hard to actually meet a man. You’re tired of the same old faces at work; Jeff the cleaner, Bob from HR and Steve who does weird things with a stapler and seems to be stalking you. But because you’ve got little free time, your only chance to meet guys are the weekend in the pub. And you’ve been there, done that and realised they’re all a bit dull.

So our next tip on how to find love is to take a class. Taking an evening class represents a greta chance for you to do something different and meet a new man. Adult evening classes not only enrich your mind and extend your skill set, but they also put you in touch with different people who you might get along with like a house on fire.

Your Friends’ Friends

You’ve probably already spotted some cute guys on your friends’ Facebook pages. Perhaps you’ve even started to spy on their profiles, rummaging through the pictures and wishing you could meet them.

What’s stopping you? All you need to do is express an interest to your friend, ask if they’re single, and suggest that they introduce you both!

Speed Dating

This is another good tip on how to find love. I’ve tried blind dating and I’ve tried speed dating, and although I didn’t meet the love of my life through either I did have a whole lot of fun at the speed dating event.

The speed dating concept is remarkably simple; you get two minutes to chat to a potential date before moving onto another guy. In these two minutes you chat about this and that, and if there is a spark, you get the chance at the end of the night to see if he agreed. If he does agree that there is potential between you both, you arrange a date. Super!


Yes, you go volunteering because you want to do a good turn for the the local community and it will make you feel good. We get it. But what’s so wrong with meeting a guy at the same time?

Singles Nights

Singles Nights sound like something your mom’s sister went to in the 1980’s, but don’t knock them because these nights are incredibly fun and they can also be incredibly romantic.

At a singles night – which can take place at a pub, a club or even a church – single, fun people just like yourself get together to chat to new people to see if they share a connection.

Although lots of people like to poke fun at singles nights, they can be a really great way to meet a new partner. The best thing? You get to chat for longer than 2 minutes!

At A Sports Game

Our final tip on how to find love is to go to a sports game. Just like guy bars, lots of single, passionate men go to sports games by themselves. They’re really into their sports and they’ll totally appreciate it if you – a super cool, super interested fan – start talking to them. You’re onto a winner here.

How to find love? What are your best tips?

Stay happy!