Everyone has guardian angels and even if you aren’t aware that your angels are there, they are always giving you signs and letting you know that they are there, and they are with you.

When you are looking to ask your guides or angels to help you, you need to know that you can actually use your clairvoyant giftings to help you to be more connected with them.

Knowing Your Angel Guides

Once you are able to get your mind at a higher level, you can reach into the spiritual world. You can see your guardian angels and they can help you to develop as a person.

There have probably been many signs put in front of you that has shown you that your angels are there and that they are wanting to be part of your life.

Your angels are spiritual and so when you think that they might come to you in the form of a person, that will not happen. In order to touch base with them and see them in the spiritual world, you have to get your vibrations higher to match their vibrations and then you can connect with them.

Once you get connected with your angels then you will be able to notice the signs that they give you more.

Meeting Your Angel

If you want to get closer to your angel, you need to find a place to be that you will not be distracted. You can play some soft music or light a candle and once you feel at peace, let them come to your space.

Take time to meditate and breathe deeply and let your mind be cleared. As you relax, you will be able to imagine that a light is coming into your room and healing you.

Set Your Intention

As you continue to meditate and you start focusing on your angels, you will need to ask them to connect with you. Ask them to come to you and to visit you and to raise your vibrations so that you can experience them there with you.

As soon as you say these things, you can relax and breathe and let your mind be calm. Breathe in all the air and the light around you and let it completely fill your being.

Think of the color light that you would think that your angels would bring with them and let the light fill you from your head to your toes. Stay relaxed and thinking about love and peace. Imagine that you are connected to this colored light and that you are one with it.

Sacred Place

As you are in your sacred place, imagine your angels coming and sitting with you. Keep relaxed and even if this makes you a bit nervous, keep visualizing them around you.

Feel the presence of your angels with you and know how much they love you and that they came to you just because you asked them to. As you do this, imagine what is going on around you and feel the sensations on your body. Is your body hot or tingly? This can be a sign from your angels.

Let your energy connect with your angel and be aware of any signs that they give you. Once you are ready to talk to them, start asking them questions. Thank them for visiting you and for being there for you and know how your heart is feeling. Do you feel inspired and at peace?

Even if you have never done this before, once you learn to relax then you can learn to communicate with your angels. They will be ready and willing to hear from you and they will give you messages back that can help you in your life.

Signs Your Angels are Near

Here are some signs that your angels are close to you:

  • You feel peaceful.
  • Your body is tingling or warm.
  • You feel tingling in your head or hands.
  • There is a light moving around you.
  • You get answers to the questions that you ask.

You might even get lucky and see a vision of an angel coming to you such as the way that you are able to see thoughts or memories. You may just feel your angel there and you might not even need a sign from them because you just know.

Once you learn to trust your angels and yourself, you will see that they have been with you from the time that you were born and have stayed with you.

Learn to open a communication and connection with them and let them come to you and give you what you need. Even if this seems different at first, keep relaxed and let yourself be open to getting messages from your angels.

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