This is a question I receive quite often! ……..This is my belief:

Upon arrival to the Other Side, most of us choose to enter what Spirit calls “The Healing Sanctuary”.  It is there that we receive the utmost of care from our loving Angels as they shower us with what I can only describe as “Light Energy”.

These repeated energy cleansings rid us of our accumulated earth plane conditions. It’s an individualized process as to how many “showers” will be needed before one heals.

Some souls are ready to talk five minutes after they leave the body and others are in recovery for a while longer.  Some take years before they grace us with a visit!  It depends on the level of distress, illness and addiction the soul encountered during their human incarnation.  And how willing they are to let go of those human conditions and beliefs.

We are also greeted by our deceased loved ones who sit bedside during our recovery, so we are never alone.  Thus, someone will always be there during a reading to give messages because I don’t work alone or I’d be unemployed LOL!  Just can’t guarantee it will be the person you’re waiting on.

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