As we already know, Smoking is not only an Unpleasant habit and difficult for many to be around, but it’s also a Serious Health concern. Most smokers I know, and you probably do to, recite us the same lines “I Want to Quit, I’m Going to Quit, I Need to Quit and I’m Trying to Quit” etc. It’s always a wait for that One day that something magical is going to happens. Well, That One Day is Today! It’s Now! You Are Going to Finally Quit!

A few years ago, during a psychic reading with a client, I was asked how do I Stop Smoking for good without doing anything? She said, Billy, I “Tried Everything” but I didn’t believe her, I knew better. Most people want a Pill for a cure and their bad habits, which I understand. It’s not easy to change. We are not perfect. Not only did I know she didn’t “Try Everything” but if I didn’t get her help, her health was going to deteriorate and have a mass build up of cells. She was tired of people complaining that she smelled of smoke, upset that her voice had now become a baritone, her skin was dry and wrinkled and teeth had turned yellow.

Here’s where things turned. When we did a second reading together, I started to piece together words which at first didn’t make sense to me. Words like Boston, North East, Russian and Energy or Light Healing with energy. I told her that I saw a man that looked 58-63 to me. I tend to hyper-focus during a reading, which is good for my clients-as I Want to find the answers for them, but Un-fortunately, our reading time ran out. 2 days later and I could not stop thinking about who it was I was seeing in the reading my client so I decided to Google words,the words I’d told her and about 10 minutes later of searching I found the Image of the guy in the location that I was envisioning. He is called the “Mad RUSSIAN” and he is close to Boston! Long story short, I’ve sent 8 clients to this man and all 8 have Quit smoking! So there you have it. Google the Mad Russian, or better yet go to Youtube and watch a video on him, and do whatever you can to go and see him. No Pills, Patches, Creams or Hypnosis! You should not wait to make an appointment as he is older, seating at his home is small and there is a waiting list. This is what clients have told me. I can’t wait for you to tell me how you’ve Quit Smoking!

Yefim Shubentsov is the “Mad Russians” if you’d like to look him up online.