Here’s How To Ask Your Angels For Help

Asking Angels for HelpWhen life gets tough, it’s easy to wonder whether angels are real. After all, if these divine beings exist, we wonder, why haven’t they sorted out our relationship, found us new job, helped with that lottery win or dealt with the difficult colleague? Well, did you ask them to?

The first rule to understand about asking for angelic help is just that – you must ask. Angels do not interfere in our daily lives, and will not provide guidance or assistance unless you ask for it.

The second thing to understand is that angels cannot alter your free will, or interfere with your soul lesson. If you’re struggling for money, you may not come into wealth any time soon even if you have asked the angels for help, because perhaps you are here to learn lessons about money. What your angels will do, in such circumstances, is to guide and to help you to feel better about your financial situation, or to make the most of the opportunities you have missed – but no lottery win, I’m afraid.

How to Ask for Help from the Angels

There’s no great mystery to this. You simply ask, either out loud, or in your head. You don’t need complex angel rituals or specific invocations or prayers. Just ask, with sincerity, and your request will be heard.

Whether the results are immediate or not, and whether the results are what you expect, is a whole other matter. But results will come. How will you know when your angels are around you, or when you request has been answered? There are many different ways this might happen, but here are some:

  • Hearing angels – you might hear a voice in your head which gives you an idea or the answer you have been seeking. You might hear a waft of music from out of nowhere, or even a shout as you are falling asleep. You might hear an angel calling your name, just to let you know that they are there. If you keep hearing the same song or piece of music, there is a message there from your angels, so pay attention.
  • Seeing angels – very few people actually see an angel as a winged being, and we’re not at all sure that angels do look like that in any case. You may, however, see a bright light out of the corner of your eye, or you may notice that your room suddenly becomes brighter for no reason. You may also see “signs” from your angels. These are unique to you – it’s not white feathers for everyone. Your sign may be a butterfly or other animal, or a particular type of stone, or anything else. If you see the same thing in unexpected places over a period of time, start to look out for it as a sign from your angels.
  • Feeling angels – you might feel the presence of an angel as a sudden rush of warmth, or as a brush against your face, hands on your shoulders, or a loving hug. You might also smell a floral scent, or just feel uplifted out of the blue.

The Results of Your Angelic Request

If, after asking for help from the angels, you experience any of the above, then you can be sure that your request was heard and actioned. Even if you don’t, have faith that help is on the way. Remember that it’s not always obvious that a solution has come about through angelic intervention; it’s not always or even usually dramatic or odd. It might just be an insight which comes to you in a dream, or something you spot in a magazine which sparks a great idea. Your situation might resolve itself in a seemingly natural way, as circumstances change, making it very hard to pinpoint where the angelic intervention was.

Nevertheless, when your situation is resolved, remember to say thank you to your angels. The more you acknowledge their presence, the easier you will find angelic communication in the future, which has to be a very good thing.