FREE Psychic Reading Online – Billy Caputo

So, you want a free psychic Reading online but are not able to afford one right now, right? Well, there’s Still a way for a reading for you with me…and the solution is very simple. When you refer family and friends to paid 45 and 60 minute free psychic reading online with me, You will receive a FREE 15 minute Psychic Reading ! We will look at Love, health and see who comes through from God’s Home and what messages they bring for you and those around you.

Many ask me for Free readings, on and off line, but as you can understand, I need time for myself. I cant always have my mind “turned on”.

Actually, I do readings for many who are in a very bad way struggling with Cancer, Autoimmune diseases, burns and such. They are in a very bad way, so I give my time and gift for free to those wonderful souls when I can. I pray every day for health and happiness for those suffering mentally and physically. God hears You when you pray.

I hope for You and I to have a reading together because I know that I can help you so much as I’ve helped so many ppl all over the country and far away.

Psychic Readings by Phone

Any questions, please call 201 315 5587, inbox or email:

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