Five Tips for Powerful Prayers:

  1. When you are in need of prayers, pray for others in need; in the giving, comes the receiving.

  2. Use positive phrasing; instead of listing how difficult things are in your life, pray for the “best outcome” for your soul.

  3. Ask for God’s will to be done, and your prayer could be answered in many ways!

  4. Use a specific place and time to offer prayers. This creates a special and sacred place for your prayer sessions.

  5. Elevate your prayer with meditation first. After meditating, send out light and constructive energies to the people on your personal prayer list.


Prayer is a truly universal concept understood by all cultures and people the world. There is one collective mind (Spirit or the Source) and as we are from Spirit, we are all one and can affect one another positively, or for that matter, negatively as well. Every thought makes an impression upon this collective mind. Prayer is so effective, It influences situations, people, and outcomes.

Thy prayers ascend to the throne of God, and the angel of each entity stands before the throne to make intercession.

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