It doesn’t matter how often you feel them, the spirit of your deceased loved ones are never far away. It can be tricky to hear their messages or to feel their love when your energy is depleted or when you feel overcome by grief. After someone dies, we crave the knowledge they are safe, at peace, and happy. We often desire a continued feeling of connection, especially in the middle of our grief.

An unbreakable bond

If you are struggling with grief, write your loved one a letter. Allow yourself to write down the conflicting feelings and whatever is on your mind. Share how much you love and miss them. Tell them what their physical absence has created in your life and share gratitude for the difference they have made in your life while they were alive.

Plant a memory garden for them or create a decorated box that reminds you of them where you can place notes or memories of the things you did together. Sit out in the garden or look through the box during the times you miss this person most. Ensure your decorations reflect their favorites things like figurines, photos, flowers, music, or anything else they enjoyed. Allow the time spent in the garden or with the box to feel special and sacred to the both of you.

You can also choose to enlist the help of a psychic medium to help you receive messages from them. Be prepared for an array of feelings and emotions when the medium first reaches them. Its powerful and truly life-changing experience.

The spirit world is a place of love and empathy

The spirt realm sends us signs constantly, but it’s up to us to see them and process their meaning. For instance, when you hear your grandfather’s favorite song, it might be a way of them sending you their love. A sibling might send you sounds of laughter via your third ear.

Many people fear losing the ability to sense a loved one’s presence as time goes on. Thankfully, the opposite is more common. By making a conscious effort to connect to your departed loved one regularly, your spiritual bond can actually become stronger, and you will notice when they send you messages.

Keep in mind, just as in life, your loved one is still evolving even in the afterlife. This means you need to be prepared for the signs they send you to change as well. They will stay with you as long as you wish them to be, but you might need to relearn methods of communication if you feel your tie has come undone. Learn to be receptive and adaptive to broaden your spiritual talents like intuition. As your world broadens, your loved ones will find new and exciting ways to visit you.

Moving on is okay

If you begin to give up, it can be natural for the spirt to begin to move on with the knowledge this chapter in your life is closed. They only want what is best for you. It is natural to desire letting this person go and be at spiritual peace. You aren’t a bad person, and this doesn’t mean you no longer love this person. It just means this phase of your life is over, and you are embracing your next chapter.

It is up to each of us how much we wish to reach out to our deceased loved ones. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Spirits can hear and feel your thoughts, as well as know what is in your heart. They support us every day of our lives and desire only the best for us.

Love is never ending

The spirit realm resonates at a higher vibrational frequency than Earth. If you wish to connect with a spirit, it is helpful to raise your energetic vibration. Consider your energy like that of a radio station. Each channel has a unique frequency, hence why we can listen to multiple songs on multiple stations. You might be operating on channel 107.9, but your loved one is dialed in at 88.9. In these moments it will be tricky to receive their signals and messages, but when you open your heart and soul to the love you share, you can raise your vibration.

Sit quietly in a private space and acknowledge your loved one. Focus on your love and some of their favorite things or memories. Notice your thoughts and open your heart. Meditate, journal, and practice gratitude or positive psychology.

Sense a ball of brilliant white light in your inner core and let it radiate throughout your body. Invite your loved one to connect with you however possible. This can raise your vibrations to feel their presence more fully. Enjoy how they send you love, memories, thoughts, and sensations. Honor your intuition and awareness of Divine wisdom. When it is time to return to your daily life, thank them for connecting with you, and send you unending love.

If you can’t connect in a particular moment, that’s okay. Sometime life gets too hectic to find personal time to reach out to the spirit world. Ask your angels or spirit guides to help you better identify the signs your loved one is sending you so that you know that they are never that far away from you.

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