8 Surprising Things About Salt Lamps..# 7 Will Surprise You

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The truth about the origin of ´Himalayan´ pink rock salt First of all: there are no salt mines in the Himalayas. Pink rock salt is usually mined from Pakistan or Poland. “Himalayan” is just a descriptor, because a “Punjabi Foothills salt lamp” doesn’t sound quite so exotic. That’s not evidence against the efficiency of the lamps, of [...]

4 Ways To Read Someone’s Mind – Psychic Billy Caputo

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4 Ways To Read Someone's Mind - Psychic Billy Caputo Skills You Need For Mind Reading Honestly, it doesn’t require many skills to be able to read minds. The main skills needed are the drive to take you all the way and the vulnerability and willingness to trust your intuition. While this is a [...]

What’s The Difference Between A Psychic and Medium? – Billy Caputo

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What’s The Difference Between A Psychic and Medium? - Billy Caputo Psychic is a much broader term used for anyone who possesses the ability to read auras and sense spiritual energy. There are many different types of psychic abilities, and the ability to communicate with spirits is one of them. All mediums are psychics, but not all [...]

FREE Psychic Reading Offer! – Billy Caputo

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FREE Psychic Reading Offer! - Billy Caputo So, you want a Psychic Reading by phone but are not able to afford one right now, right? Well, there's Still a way for a reading for you with me...and the solution is very simple. When you refer family and friends to paid 45 and 60 minute Psychic [...]

Minnie Caputo Video and FREE Book – Billy Caputo

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So, Minnie wanted all of you to see her new Hair cut but she would not stop jumping all around, and all over me, as you can see in this video. We might be making a longer video, and maybe Live Video's too. Many ask me all of the time "why dont you do [...]

The A-Z Tips of a Bad Relationship ± Billy Caputo

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Tips Of A Bad Relationship We all know that In some relationships, people tend to be persuasive, manipulative and promising. If you are with someone who is like this, breaking up won't be easy. Don’t Be Fooled They will most likely approach you and tell you that everything will change back to the way things [...]

Can The Dead Hear Us Speak To Them? ± Billy Caputo

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It all depends! It depends mainly on whether or not they’re in your vicinity when you attempt to communicate. If they aren’t, it’s not all a loss - a guardian angel, familiar spirit, or spirit guide could pass the message along for you. When you communicate with the dead or the dead communicates with you, [...]

5 Ways To Attract the Perfect Guy ~ Billy Caputo

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How to Attract the Perfect Partner for Life Are you searching for true love? Do you fantasize about your dream man? Do you want to learn the art of attraction to entice your perfect partner towards you? Well, this article can give you some handy tips and guidelines for charming your way into a man’s [...]

Discreet Ways to Find your Perfect Partner: Part 1 ~ Billy Caputo

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Discreet and Personalized Ways to Find your Perfect Partner People want love and companionship, that’s a universal fact. Irrespective of how you look, your financial status or your health, you cannot seem to survive without a partner by your side. Even those with bad experiences of broken relationships, divorces or forced separation from their partner [...]

The First Steps To Finding The Perfect Partner ~ Billy Caputo

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So have you decided to take the plunge and search for your soul mate? Or you just want someone special in your life and only believe in the concept of dating? Well for each and everyone on this planet there is certainly someone who could turn out to be the special or ideal partner. [...]