How To Break-Up with Every Astrological Sign? Guaranteed! ~ Billy Caputo


Capricorn’s loyalty is legendary, its patience seemingly unending, and it’s usually far too pragmatic about love to rock the boat when it knows it’s onto a good thing. This star sign is no quitter and if a Capricorn dumps you, it can only be for one reason: you’re getting in the way of their ambitions or holding them back somehow.

Because Capricorn’s main agenda is worldly advancement, it looks to its relationships to further – and certainly not hinder – its material and social aspirations. If you’re dragging a Capricorn down, trashing their good name or simply not showing them enough respect, you’ll soon be an unwanted liability. Avoid this happening by giving them the support and encouragement they so badly need.

Okay, so it’s not always that easy – Capricorn’s relentless pursuit of success and status means their career often comes before love in their order of priorities. Although many Capricorns make great providers, they’re not necessarily into togetherness, and if you’re looking for a full-time companion, you might feel rather short-changed. Capricorn’s workaholic nature is a major cause of breakups with this sign.

Capricorns tend to find it hard to express their feelings, and their reluctance ever to spend more than they have to could be construed as a bit mean. These people’s frugality – both emotional and material – often spells death for their romantic relationships. But before you rush into dumping a Capricorn, don’t judge a book by its cover. Capricorn’s sterling qualities of patience and dependability only become apparent over the course of time.

The big problem for many people involved with a Capricorn is waiting around for the Goat finally to ‘get there’. Capricorn’s slow plodding approach, its cautiousness and its rigidity can be big issues of contention with faster-moving, more spontaneous types who eventually lose patience with this sign. Bear in mind though, if you’re a bit rash by nature, that the hare and the tortoise often make a great team!

If you’ve broken up with a Capricorn, you can expect them to give you the cold shoulder and go into a major sulk that seems to go on forever before they’ll consider getting back together again. When things go wrong, Capricorn has a tendency to be quite gloomy and pessimistic, and easily sinks into depression. Surprisingly, however, it responds very positively to subtle wit.

A top tip for rebuilding a failing relationship with a Capricorn is to appeal to their famously dry sense of humor. Once they see the irony in a situation, they can get a quiet chuckle out of even the biggest disasters and immediately start to soften up. Nothing happens fast, however, with Capricorns, so you should be prepared for it to take some time to win back a Capricorn ex.


• Don’t take their dark moods too seriously – they just need jollying along.
• Be grown-up and responsible – maturity and reliability are very important to them. 
• Show a bit of respect – ridicule is the biggest deal-breaker for this sign.

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Aquarians’ ability to cut off from their feelings means that – unlike more ordinary mortals – however bad the situation, they rarely get angry and are usually able to look at things in an impersonal and logical way. All fine and good, but because Aquarians’ detachment can make them seem rather cold and uncaring, it’s a major source of relationship breakups with people born under this sign.

Particularly challenging for more insecure types is Aquarius’s seeming inability ever to get jealous. As the star sign least into possessiveness or power games, it’s happy to let you do your own thing without interfering. It’s easy to interpret this, often quite wrongly, as lack of emotional commitment. Love and freedom go hand in hand for Aquarius. Rarely will an Aquarian lover try to ‘own’ you, and in turn you’ll never be able to ‘own’ them.

If you dump an Aquarius, it will often be down to their need for personal freedom and the feeling that you never really come first in their life. If you’re looking for a totally exclusive relationship where each of you spend most of your time with each other, Aquarius is probably the wrong choice for you. An Aquarian will never give up their vast social network for anyone – not even for you!

Trying to tie down an Aquarian inevitably spells big trouble. Ruled by Uranus, the planet of liberty and experimentation, this isn’t a sign that can ever be pushed around or manipulated. Aquarians demand the space to be able to mix freely with all kinds of people when and where they like. Make the mistake of attempting to box them in or cut them off from their friends, and they’re likely to head straight for the door.

If an Aquarian has dumped you, it’s often because you’ve been acting too needy, making too many demands or looking for too much support. This, the most independent of the star signs, has little time for people who are constantly looking for a shoulder to cry on and have a tendency always to lean on others. To hold an Aquarian’s interest and stop them getting bored with you, you have to be prepared to be your own person and keep them intellectually amused.

Another big turn-off for most Aquarians is any kind of bigotry and intolerance. If you come across as ignorant and prejudiced or try to set yourself up as superior to others, Aquarius will lose respect for you and enjoy putting you firmly in your place. This New Age star sign demands the highest standards from its friends and lovers: vanity, arrogance and any kind of dishonesty are pretty much unforgivable in its book.

Your best tactic for winning back an Aquarian ex is to play it cool and just let them go. Trying to hold onto an Aquarian is a sure way to drive them further away, while dramatics, recriminations and shabby actions will only arouse their contempt. The chances are that sooner or later they’ll come back to you or at the least stay friends. As the star sign most prone to sudden reversals, just when you’re least expecting it, you may find they’re ready to get back together again!

• Don’t take their detachment too seriously – it doesn’t mean they don’t love you!
• Be allowing – give them lots of personal freedom and don’t expect them to fit into a mould. 
• Never let things get boring – routine and monotony are the biggest deal-breakers for this sign.

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Ruled by Neptune, the planet of spirituality, Pisces is the most idealistic and the most forgiving star sign – and it generally puts up with more than its fair share of shabby treatment in life without complaining or seeking revenge. But even Pisces has its limits: if a Piscean dumps you, it’s generally because you’ve pushed them around, abused their good-heartedness and trampled on their delicate feelings once too often.

Despite their characteristic unselfishness – often to the point of letting themselves be walked all over – there’s only so much bullying or neglect a Pisces will endure before they do one of their famous disappearing acts. There will rarely be much warning, it can be hard to get at the truth of what has really happened – and it’s easy to feel you’ve been badly let down or cheated in some way.

It’s hardly ever the case, however, that a Pisces will deliberately set out to create pain and trouble for others. If a Pisces has walked out on you, most likely you’ve left them no room for manoeuvre: back them into a corner, and they may have no option but to cut and run. Weak willed and often a bit wimpish, Pisceans have a tendency to give up easily and their habitual response to pressure and confrontation is to look for an easy way out.

Pisces’ notorious evasiveness and lack of integrity are the number one dealbreakers in relationships with this sign. If you’re a straightforward, no-nonsense kind of person, Pisces’ unwillingness to be pinned down or accept responsibility can end up driving you crazy. But dumping a Pisces lover isn’t necessarily that easy: these people are capable of resorting to all kinds of desperate antics to make you take pity on them and give them another chance.

Pisceans excel at playing the role of victim and do a great poor-me act. The biggest emotional blackmailers of the Zodiac, they know exactly how to play on your sympathies and make you feel guilty in the attempt to win you back. It’s hard to stay mad at a Pisces for very long. Alongside of its many failings, Pisces is the sign most likely to be genuinely sorry for its misdemeanors, most able to tug on your heart strings, and most likely to persuade you to kiss and make up.

To win back a Pisces ex who has broken your heart or dumped you, try turning the tables and making THEM feel guilty instead. Because they’re highly sensitive to others’ suffering, if they sense they have really hurt you they’re likely to beat themselves up about it and do almost anything to make amends. Take a leaf out of Pisces’ book by resorting to a bit of emotional manipulation and there’s a good chance of getting back with your Pisces ex.


• Respect their sensitivity, treat them gently and offer them lots of emotional support.
• Double check on all facts and information – things aren’t always quite how they seem. 
• Never attempt to back them into a corner – too much pressure will drive them away.

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Been dumped by an Aries? Well, that’s not unusual! With the quickest temper in the Zodiac, Aries is probably the easiest sign to break up with. If you’re dating an Aries, be prepared for a lot of cut and thrust and the occasional bout of head butting. But the good news is that because it quickly gets over its little tantrums, Aries is also by far the easiest sign to get back together with.

There’s no messing about with an Aries. If you’ve upset them, they won’t hesitate to let you know immediately, directly, and in no uncertain terms. As a group, Aries people aren’t given to biting their tongue or keeping the lid on their temper. They believe in letting their feelings hang out, and tough luck for anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves in the line of fire.

If this happens to be you, at least you have the consolation of knowing that Aries’ anger doesn’t usually last for long. Often enough, once an Aries has gotten off their chest whatever was bugging them, they’re ready to carry on just like before. Too bad you’re likely to be still reeling from the onslaught and desperately trying to process what the hell is going on.

Want to avoid getting dumped by an Aries? Then you just have to know how to avoid provoking them – which basically means respecting their personal autonomy. As the first and foremost sign of the Zodiac, Aries is also the most independent and the most headstrong. It doesn’t like having to change its agenda to suit other people and always reacts badly to being told what to do. In fact a major cause of breakups with Aries is trying to stand in its way.

As the cardinal fire sign, Aries responds to life with a burning, unquenchable passion which demands an active outlet and instant gratification. Hold an Aries back, slow them down, or deny them what they have set their mind on and you’re likely to be shoved roughly aside. Sounds a bit unnecessarily aggressive? Well maybe – after all, Aries’ ruling planet is Mars, the god of war!

To win back an Aries ex, bear in mind the direct approach is the only one they’re likely to respond to. So no whining, no recriminations, and no raking over of what went wrong. Just make it clear you’d like to put the past behind you and make a brand new start. Give it one shot, but if that fails, don’t waste your time running after your Aries ex. Take it on the chin, be a good sport and be willing to unequivocally call it quits. At least that way you’ll keep their respect.


• Don’t take their rantings and ravings too seriously – they quickly tend to pass.
• Never attempt to fence them in or restrict their freedom of movement. 
• Always let them think they’re in charge – even though you know different!

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Broken up with an easygoing Taurus? Then you must really have been pushing it some! Taurus has a reputation for being quite placid and sweet-natured and it takes a lot to make it lose its rag. When that happens it can be quite scary – and a bit of a surprise. Few people are aware of the sheer force of a Taurus’s hidden anger until they’ve been on the receiving end!

So what’s behind this duality? Well, on the one hand Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, for which reason it prefers a harmonious existence and will normally do its best to avoid unpleasantness. At the same time, of course, it’s also the fixed earth sign – which probably makes Taurus the most inflexible sign in the Zodiac!

Because Taurus, more than any other sign, has its feet firmly anchored in the ground, trying to get a Taurean to budge when they have dug in their heels is not only pointless and frustrating, it’s also inviting big trouble. If you’ve ever incurred the wrath of a charging bull, you’ll know that it’s something to avoid!

If you’ve been dumped by a Taurus, it’s often because you’ve made the mistake of trying to get it to move too fast. The bull – the symbol of Taurus – is a strong-willed animal that hates to be hurried and won’t be prodded into making any kind of decisions until it’s good and ready.

On the other hand, once it is finally set on a course of action, Taurus isn’t one to change its mind. You can try every trick in the book to persuade this sign to do a flip, but the stoical Bull won’t bat a gorgeous eyelash. Not, that is, until its admirable patience finally snaps and you’re treated to one of Taurus’s famous tirades.

How else might you have landed yourself in trouble with a Taurus? Well, maybe by making things a bit too over-complicated and overlooking the simple basics that make a relationship work for this sign. Good food and good sex, in that order, are all a Taurus really needs to be happy – and you can rest assured that they most definitely won’t be happy if either are in short supply.

Once you’ve been dumped by a Taurus, don’t expect to be able to get back together again in the twinkling of an eye. Just as it takes a long time for Taurus to decide to break up, it will also take quite a while for it to cool down and be ready to make up. To win back your Taurus ex, try tempting them with offers of gourmet dinners, a great massage or an ostentatiously expensive gift. Because yes, with Taurus, sometimes money really can buy you love!


• Respect their need for security and don’t push them beyond their comfort zone.
• Be patient – because they’re slow movers, you have to be prepared to wait.
• Pander to their senses and always keep them sexually satisfied.

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The symbol of Gemini, the Twins, reflects this sign’s duality and its tendency towards fickle-heartedness in matters of love. Certainly, this is the most flighty of all the Zodiac signs with one of the worst records for relationship breakups. These smooth-talking, quick-witted charmers make popular dates and lovers, but don’t score too highly where long-term reliability is concerned.

The number one reason for dumping a Gemini is likely to be their unfaithfulness. This can take many forms, ranging at the worst from actually sleeping with somebody else, to just flirting around with other people when they’re supposed to be exclusively with you. In either case, the implication is you’re not very important in their life, leaving you with the feeling you’ve been taken for a fool.

The big problem for most Geminis is their low boredom threshold, their restlessness and their need for endless variety. To discourage a Gemini from straying, it’s important to constantly find new ways of keeping the excitement going. Ruled by Mercury, the planet of intellect and communication, this sign thrives on mental stimulation and lively conversation. Make a Gemini laugh and drip feed them with juicy titbits of news and gossip in order to hold their interest.

When a Gemini stops calling or tells you it’s over, it’s usually because your relationship has become too dull and monotonous and/or someone more interesting has come along. Or maybe you’ve been a bit too demanding and pushing too hard for a commitment. You’re asking for trouble if you try to curtail a Gemini’s freedom by fencing them in. These social butterflies won’t let themselves be pinned down by anyone – not even you!

If you’re dumped by a Gemini, don’t automatically assume it’s goodbye forever. Unpredictable and prone to sudden reversals, the chances are your Gemini lover will soon tire of their latest conquest and start missing your company again. At the very least, they’re likely to want to retain your friendship. A fair proportion of a Gemini’s vast social circle consists of former lovers with whom they’re still on good terms.

To win back a Gemini ex, it’s important to stay cool and collected and avoid undignified emotional outbursts. Logical and detached by nature, Geminis relate to others more through their head than their heart, and the hard truth is they don’t care all that much about your feelings. So forget the tears, anger and histrionics. A naughty love letter – cleverly worded and at the same time both humorous and seductive – is a far better way to turn them on again.


• Don’t take their little indiscretions too seriously – they’re probably only joking.
• Never attempt to box them in or clip their wings – their freedom is very important to them.
• Ring the changes – boredom is the biggest deal-breaker for this sign.

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It’s perilously easy to break up with a Cancer. Not because they’re disagreeable in any sense of the word – in reality Cancers are among the kindest and most caring people around – but simply because of their hard-to-predict moods. Ruled by the Moon, their emotional wellbeing is governed by the lunar phases, and woe betide you if you upset a Cancer of either gender at the wrong time of the month!

You won’t easily be able to tell when things have gone seriously wrong though, because Cancers aren’t generally the sort to scream and shout. Most likely with a Cancer, you’ll just notice they’ve gone a bit quiet and sulky, and by then the damage will probably already have been done. Once a Crab has retreated back into its shell, it’s hard to coax it out again.

Cancers are intensely protective people – not least of themselves – and at the first hint of a threat to their safety, they won’t take any chances, they’ll simply cut and run. Cancers’ strong sense of intuition means they quickly pick up on others’ negative thoughts or intentions – the only trouble being they sometimes get it all wrong.

This gives Cancer a tendency to brood long and hard on imagined insults which – because of their notoriously long memories – they’re likely to note down in their little black book and hold against you for ages to come. The big difficulty you’re faced with when a Cancer has dumped you is discovering what has happened and why.

It’s hard to get back together with a Cancer after a breakup if they won’t tell you what you’ve done wrong. When Cancer people give you the silent treatment, it’s not necessarily that they’re trying to be difficult, just that they can’t explain logically what the matter is. With nothing to go on except their vague instinct, it’s not easy for Cancers to put their thoughts into words.

So what exactly makes a Cancer want to break up? Well, just about any kind of disregard for their feelings, which means it’s incredibly easy to step on this sign’s toes. Negative comments and personal criticisms – especially if they relate to a Cancer’s home or family or give them any cause for worry about their personal security – are likely to be taken particularly badly. Best then to tread carefully around a Crab, if you want to avoid feeling its sharp claws.

Rebuilding a relationship with Cancer is a slow and painstaking process for which there aren’t really any quick fixes. Because they excel at caring for others’ needs, they expect to be nurtured in return. Let a Cancerian down on this one, and you’ll have to go right back to basics to regain their trust again.

To win back a Cancer ex, finding as many ways as you can think of to say ‘I love you’ makes for a good start! Suggestions include apologizing profusely over a bottle of wine or two, writing a slushy love letter, or buying them something beautiful for their home. The last resort? Burst into tears to get their sympathy, and swear you’ll die of a broken heart if they won’t take you back again.


• Be nice to their families, friends and animals – you’ll be out if you can’t fit in.
• Respect their sensitivity, take their feelings seriously and give them lots of emotional support.
• Never challenge their domestic authority – these guys need to rule the roost.

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Been dumped by a Leo and wondering why? Well, it’s really quite simple – whatever the circumstances there’s only ever one reason for breakups with Leos and it’s always about their wounded pride. Deal a major blow to any Leo’s vanity and the cuddly, playful lion cub will instantly turn into a sulky, snarling beast. Fail to apologize immediately, preferably on bended knee, and your Leo lover will vow never to speak to you again.

Insufficient attention, lack of due recognition or any kind of humiliation or rejection are guaranteed to ruffle a Leo’s mane and fill them with wild indignation. Don’t take their huffing and puffing too seriously though. Despite their protestations, Leos don’t give up easily on a good relationship (in fact they’re exceptionally loyal lovers). Often enough, a bit of therapeutic ego stroking is all that’s necessary to get a Leo eating out of your hand again.

As a stereotypical fire sign, Leo’s anger is fairly transient: it dissipates just as fast as it tends to blow up since it’s based largely on hot air. There’s nothing particularly deep or devious about this sign’s motivations or agenda, its moods are relatively easy to fathom and when you’re in a Leo’s bad books, it will let you know loud and clear.

Big-hearted and sunny-natured by inclination, Leo isn’t a sign that deliberately tries to be difficult or wants to wind others up. At times, however, it does a very good job of it – it’s hard not to get exasperated with Leos’ me-first attitude, their tendency to think they always knows best and their need to call all the shots.

Okay, so Leos are capable organizers and leaders, they tend to have a good grasp of the big picture and they usually delegate well. But when they take it a step too far, they can be insufferably patronizing, are some of the bossiest people you’ll ever meet, and are prone to riding roughshod over others’ pride (although all Leos hate it when this happens to them!).

However much you may love them, be prepared to lose your patience on a regular basis with the arrogant Lion. When you do so, be ready for the fall-out. Leo’s reputation as a drama queen is well earned and well exploited. The sulks, the tantrums, the histrionics – like naughty children, Leos know exactly how to wear down your resistance and pressurize you into caving in to their demands.

Because of its notorious weakness for flattery, the uncomplicated Leo is relatively easy to win back, but it calls for some self-humiliation. You’ll have to be willing to admit you were wrong and they were right, however untrue you know that to be. You’ll need to let them have their own way on all fronts, regardless of the sacrifices this requires of you. All it takes is a bit of blatant ass-kissing, so pile on the praise and adulation. Leo pussy cats can’t get enough of it – just watch them lap it up!


• Take no notice of their lion’s roar – underneath it all, they’re just big scaredy cats.
• Don’t bother trying to challenge their authority – it’s never worth the tears and hassle. 
• Respect their sensitive ego – loss of face is the biggest deal-breaker for this sign.

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The most critical sign of the Zodiac? In many people’s eyes it has to be Virgo! For which reason more breakups tend to occur with Virgo people than with any other star sign. Inborn in Virgo is a lifelong search for perfection – embodied by its symbol, the Virgin. Never fully satisfied with their efforts, Virgos are often martyrs to anxiety, plagued by self-doubt and incorrigible workaholics. Small wonder they have gained a reputation for being a bit neurotic!

In reality, however, most Virgos are fairly quiet, humble and well intentioned souls who would go out of their way to do you a good turn. The big trouble they have is that, in genuinely trying to be helpful, they’re often incredibly picky, with an annoying compulsion to point out all those little improvements that would make you a better person but which you probably don’t want to hear about. Many Virgos find it impossible to resist foisting their high standards onto others.

If you’ve ended a relationship with a Virgo, it’s probably because you can’t stand any more of their nit-picking, their obsession with detail or their paranoia about health and cleanliness. You may well be tired of them endlessly recounting their ailments, complaining about everything that’s wrong in their life, or always being wrapped up in their job. But what’s likely to get on a Virgo’s nerves about you?

If a Virgo dumps you, it’s usually because they’re had enough of your inability or unwillingness to live up to their lofty ideals. Maybe you don’t have a sufficiently strong work ethic, maybe you’re too disruptive of their carefully ordered routine. Or maybe they just can’t take your sloth, inertia and all your undesirable little habits any more.

To avoid breakups with Virgo – or win back a Virgo ex – you basically have two choices. On the one hand you can make a big effort to reform your ways and try in vain comply with their unreachable standards. On the other hand you can make life a lot easier for yourself by admitting your failings, acting helpless and pleading for their assistance.

Get yourself out of trouble with a Virgo by actively encouraging them to do what they like most: i.e. pick up after you, run round after you and generally make a dogsbody of themselves. Okay, it would send most other signs running for cover yet curiously, this is by far the best way to get back with – or hang onto – a Virgo lover. Always desperate to make themselves useful, having nothing to do is this sign’s idea of hell. So next time a Virgo starts reeling off their list of must-dos, stop arguing. Just give in and let them sort it all out for you.


• Don’t be offended by their criticisms – they just like to get everything right.
• Take their anxieties seriously – they’re big worriers and need a lot of reassurance and support. 
• Clean up your act – hygiene, order and wholesomeness are very important to these guys.

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Of all the star signs, Libras are probably the least likely to initiate a breakup. They hate confrontations and ending relationships of all kinds tends to be quite hard for them. However irritating they may find you, Libras are good at sweeping contentious issues under the rug and hiding their discontent behind a sweet smile. They’re also big procrastinators and making their mind up to dump you can take them a very long time.

So what exactly would push an easygoing Libra into finally calling things off? Well, most probably your lack of romantic commitment, which is by far the biggest dealbreaker for this sign. Libras aren’t interested in part-time lovers: what they want is a full-on relationship with someone who’s willing to put them first in their life. If you fail to offer a Libra sufficient companionship and quality time, your love affair won’t last for long.

If you’re taking a Libra for granted, treating them badly and generally not pulling your weight in the relationship, just wait for those sparks to fly. Although prepared to put up with a lot, one thing this sign simply won’t tolerate is injustice. Libras rarely go out of their way to start a fight but true to their symbol – the Scales – they’ll assert themselves quite vigorously to restore a state of balance when a situation is clearly unfair.

If your relationship with a Libra has ended, how easy will it be to rebuild it again? Here the good news is that of all the star signs, Libra is the sign most open to persuasion and most willing to make the peace. Certainly, you’re more likely to stay on good terms with your Libra ex than any other former lover. Because harmony is so important to them, at the very least they’ll probably want to keep you as a friend.

To win back a Libra, all that’s needed is a little bit of give and take and the willingness to come to a mutual understanding. Libras are always happy to work out an acceptable compromise but be warned, you’ll need to be ready to make some major concessions. These people are smooth operators and their bargaining skills are legendary. Their true brilliance lies in their ability to make you believe you’ve come out on top, whereas in reality you’ve had to give quite a lot away.

You’ll never get back with a Libra by arguing. These people are turned off by aggression and inflexibility, and in any case their dazzling charm conceals a razor-sharp intellect that’s virtually impossible to beat. Instead, begin by apologizing profusely (even if you don’t think you’ve done anything wrong), agreeing with everything they have to say and declaring your undying devotion. Words of love and reconciliation will rarely fail to win back a Libra’s heart.


• Respect their need for harmony and be gentle, kind and good-mannered.
• Never push them into decisions before they’re good and ready – it’ll only drive them away. 
• Always be there for them – loneliness and neglect are the biggest deal-breakers for this sign.

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Tread carefully with a Scorpio. Once you’ve blown it with someone born under this star sign, it’s hard to avoid a breakup. It’s true that as a fixed sign, Scorpio is resistant to change and doesn’t give up easily. But because it’s also ruled by Pluto, the planet of endings, once it has finally walked away from a relationship, it’s unusual for Scorpio to turn back.

The trouble is, you’re unlikely to know you’ve upset a Scorpio until it’s probably too late. As the most secretive sign of the Zodiac, Scorpio’s resentments tend to smoulder away, hidden beneath an icy cool exterior, before the volcano finally erupts. Then it will suddenly spew out all those black marks it’s been quietly noting down against you – and there won’t be a thing you can do.

You can’t hide anything from a Scorpio, so don’t bother trying. Their radar intuition and extraordinary powers of detection make them good at sniffing out lies, uncovering secrets and digging out all kinds of dirt. Scorpios know the best way to gain power over others is to find out as much as possible about them, while revealing the minimum about themselves.

Nine times out of ten, breakups with Scorpios will be down to some kind of power struggle. Scorpio is the biggest control freak in the Zodiac and if you dump a Scorpio, it’s usually because you can’t stand any more of their manipulativeness and possessiveness. Getting rid of a Scorpio lover might not be that simple, though. This is a sign that sometimes has major problems in letting go and moving on.

If a Scorpio dumps you, it could be because you’ve been getting too bossy or try too hard to impose your will on theirs. A Scorpio never willingly gives away their personal power to anyone and however much they claim to love you, that also includes you. The biggest no-no, however, in Scorpio’s eyes is betrayal. Once you’ve broken a Scorpio’s trust, they will find it very hard ever to forgive and forget.

For good or bad, Scorpio always remembers – and if it gets the chance to pay you back, it will do so, even if it’s many years further down the line. A Scorpio lover will reward your allegiance with undying loyalty. In turn, they may punish your betrayal by seeking revenge. Cruelty comes easily to some Scorpios and you’ll meet more bullies born under this star sign than any other. If you’re a bit of a wimp and not up to defending yourself, then best steer clear of these guys.

If you’ve broken up with a Scorpio and it’s your fault, the best thing to do is honestly admit it. But don’t make the mistake of ever pleading or grovelling with this star sign. If you make a victim of yourself, most Scorpios will take full advantage of it to push you around and lose all respect for you in the process. If you can’t win a Scorpio over by fighting your corner fair and square, it’s far better just to give up.

Getting back a Scorpio ex is far from easy so it’s best not to hope for too much. But if you lie low and let them ruminate for a while, when they’re missing you sexually (sex is an incredibly powerful magnet for Scorpios) there’s a chance they might be prepared to give you another go. Although Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto, symbolizes endings, bear in mind it’s also the planet of new starts.


• Stand up for yourself – they’ll lose respect for you if you can easily be pushed around.
• Never get into an extended battle of wills – it can quickly turn very ugly. 
• Show your loyalty – betrayal of trust is the biggest deal-breaker for this sign.

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Breakups with Sagittarius are often triggered by this sign’s basic lack of sensitivity. Sagittarians are notorious for putting their foot in their mouth and trampling on others’ feelings. What’s particularly irritating is that although they’re happy to point out all your failings, because they tend to be rather self-righteous it’s unusual for them to admit to their own.

Although good at seeing the bigger picture, a Sagittarius can rarely be bothered with details and their judgement is often faulty. At heart, most Sagittarians are inveterate gamblers – even the more circumspect and sensible ones! If you dump a Sagittarius it may well be because of their inappropriate risk-taking which has rebounded badly on you.

No question, however, the most likely reason for deciding to end a relationship with a Sagittarius is their resistance to commitment – although that’s not to say it’s their heart they’re unwilling to surrender, just their independence. As one of the most passionate and generous signs of the Zodiac, fiery Sagittarius is perfectly capable of maintaining a long-term romantic relationship. But because of its adventurous, wanderlust personality, what Sagittarius can’t promise is always to be there for you.

Nothing enrages this sign more than being tied down or fenced in, and if a Sagittarius dumps you it’s often because they’ve had enough of you trying to curtail their freedom to roam. Know the score from the start if you get involved with a Sagittarius: This isn’t someone to tolerate any kind of restriction, so if you’re a control freak, you’d better learn to loosen up and let go.

But perhaps the number one dealbreaker for Sagittarius is betrayal or lack of honesty. If a Sagittarian catches you out lying or behaving deviously or shabbily, they may find it hard ever to respect you again. Highly principled by nature with a fetish for truthfulness, this sign is big on moral standards. If you fail to live up to them, you’re likely to be treated to one of Sagittarius’s notorious tongue-lashings, then unceremoniously shown the door.

To win back a Sagittarius ex, take a leaf out of their book and be scrupulously honest. Tell them how you’re feeling and what you’d like to happen next without resorting to manipulation, deviousness or games playing – all of which are guaranteed to make things even worse. Be sure to act fast though, before footloose Sagittarius has disappeared over the horizon in search of its next adventure, never to be seen again!


• Don’t be offended by their outspokenness – their bark is always worse than their bite.
• Respect their need for personal freedom and never attempt to tie them down. 
• Always behave with integrity – dishonesty is the biggest deal-breaker for this sign.

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