Awaken Your Psychic Abilities Now with 4 Simple Steps!

If you want to hone your psychic skills but like many of us often feel your quiet time is at a minimum, don’t despair! Despite the fact that many psychic techniques do require peace and quiet there are also just as many exercises you can engage in as you undertake every day activities such as commuting to work, walking the dog, cleaning or even sitting at your desk. So, get ready to make every moment a potential psychic leap moment with these simple exercises.

1: Core breathing. This will not only open up your solar plexus chakra and enhance your intuition but will also boost your wellbeing. Would you be surprised to know that most of us don’t breathe properly? As you’re walking, sitting or doing any activity, take a deep breath and pull it right down into your solar plexus area. Slowly exhale. As you breathe in, imagine drawing in golden light into your area and slowly let it stream out as you exhale. Really feel your diaphragm as you breathe. You will find this not only strengthens your ‘gut feeling’ but you may experience increased energy, feel more centered and have stronger boundaries as a result.

2: Be Aware of Where You Are. Very often we’re operating on auto-pilot. Even if you’re at home doing something totally mundane like the washing up open up and notice your surroundings. If you’re the only person at home how does the house ‘feel’. What can you hear? If you’re doing something – like say the washing up, how does the water feel? Soft, hard, tepid, cold, too hot? What’s going on outside your window? By becoming more aware of what’s happening around us we open up to awareness from other, hidden realms.

3: People Watch. If we’re developing our psychic gifts it’s usually because we want to help people by reading for them. Your commute, your trip to the supermarket or to the school, your co-workers all provide you with opportunities to people watch. Everyone has a story. Even if you don’t know someone see what you can pick up on them. What star sign do you think they are from their looks? What do you think they do? Married? Single? Happy? Miserable? Get an impression of their energy. You can jot down your impressions or even make up a story about them. If you’re then reading for someone who seems to have a similar ‘vibe’ you can then refer to this – and find out just how accurate you’ve been.

4: Embrace ‘alone’ time. We spend so much time in the company of others – either with families, friends or at work. If we are alone we can come under pressure to rush out and find a mate whether we feel we want one right now or not. As a result, many of us get divorced from the power of solitude. There is a reason that many of the great spiritual paths place an emphasis on a retreat or vision quest – a time alone when we can receive insights from our guides. If you have the house to yourself for a few hours or if you are presently living alone resist the urge to fill your time with distraction, company and noise. Instead embrace solitude and tune-into the natural sounds around you – like the birds and the wind. The sounds of nature are well known for boosting our psychic ability and enhancing intuition.

We can be honing our psychic skills in the queue at the coffee shop or dropping the kids off at school as well as boosting our health and wellbeing. Looked at this way, every moment and every task contains the gift of soul development.