Aries Is A Great Protector

Aries one of your biggest strengths is your strength. You have a fiery spirit and an intimidating physical presence. When you combine that with how loyal and dedicated you are to the people you love, well no one had better hurt someone you care about. Especially your significant other. You love to be in the protector role as well, as it feeds into your alpha personality s you gladly do it. This does not only mean in a physical sense it also extends other things like providing for the one you care about and making sure they are secure. That is just another form of protection. Your ideal partner would be someone that needs that kind of thing for the person they are with, rather than someone more independent.

Taurus Is A Great Provider

Taurus is one of, if not the most disciplined sign. They are not known for being a great time but they are probably your boss at work. This is because they are extremely focused and being successful is very important to them. While students they are always getting good grades and this continues on in the workforce. Taurus does not only work so hard because he is ambitious and naturally has an unbreakable work ethic but also it is important to him to be able to provide for his partner. They do not do well without some kind of control and making a good living is a part of them having control.They live their lives very scheduled and almost rigidly but at least with a Taurus you always know there is money in the savings account.

Gemini Is The Best At Taking You On Adventure

This guy can drive you crazy at times because it seems like his head is alway sin the clouds, but he will also inspire you and enrich your life. Never able to stay in one place and always wanting to explore, this guy will be taking you on adventures all the time. Even if its something as simple as staying in one night, the Gemini guy will come up with some kind of game to keep you guys occupied and laughing while you make dinner together. Never a dull moment with Gemini. They are very gentle and will always have an arm around you because they love to hold you close. They are intellectuals which makes them great conversationalists, so even just chatting your Gemini guy will seem like an adventure.

Cancer Will Be Good At Making You Feel Loved

The Cancer guy is a big mama’s boy. And while this may scare some women off or seem like a red flag, it actually translates into a very sweet and affectionate guy when it comes to Cancer. He respects all women but especially the most important ones in his life. He is also a very emotional guy which is good because he wants to know what your feeling and where you at. With some guys it always seems like you are talking their ear off and they are barely listening but that is not a problem you will have with Cancer. He will listen to you, spoil you, and always put you first. All of these things will make you feel like the most loved girl in the world and isn’t that all a gal wants?

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Leo Is The Best At Charming You And Getting You Excited About Life

Leo is a ray of sunshine. Full of life and warmth, he will make you so excited to just wake up in the morning and see what he has in store for the day. Leo’s are very charismatic and intelligent and when you love one, well in your eyes these traits will just grow exponentially. It is almost impossible for you to stay mad at them because they know just what to do to charm you off your feet. Boring is not an adjective that comes up when you date a Leo. If you are high energy than a Leo is the guy for you. You can leap out of bed together in the morning and seize the day together. They are all about living life to the fullest. There is never a dull moment with Leo.

Virgo Is Very Trustworthy

Of course any guy that actually tells  you that you can trust him, is probably bad news. In fact anyone, guy or girl telling you how trustworthy they are are almost definitely not. But Virgo holds themselves to such high standards when it comes to having character that you can actually trust them. They are like a living embodiment of Aesop’s Fables. They also expect the same back from people, and if you are not a bad person that should not be too hard to do. Of course an extension of their honesty is how loyal they will be to you and your relationship. Practical, honest, and kind Virgo’s make for very stable and secure partners. If you have never dated one before and have had abad luck dating, maybe you should!  

Libra Is Great At Listening

Libra is all about balance and for this reason they always want to hear everyone out. They like to be informed of everyones side and their feelings. Beyond that though Libra is a very emotionally intelligent sign and they know and understand how important listening is in any relationship. But especially a romantic relationship! A relationship that has no communication is on the path to destruction. You cannot have a healthy relationship without communicating. When you are with Libra, they will always want to talk and check in with each other about where each of your heads and hearts are at. This is fundamental building block of a successful and healthy relationship. Libra guys need to teach their buddies more about how to listen to their partners.

Scorpio Is Very Focused And Will Be Very Attentive To You

Scorpio’s are ruled by passion, and when they fall for someone they fall hard. They will put 110% into you like they do for anything they are dedicated to in life. They are very intense in relationships and if you are the kind that lives for an intensely passionate romance a Scorpio could be the one for you. They will cater to you and make sure you are always feeling good and taken care of. Foot massage? No problem. Need him to run to Mcdonalds to get you a burger when you are hungover in the morning? He would be glad too. Scorpio’s are very physical as well so you can bet that your activities in the bedroom will be a great time. Scorpio likes to be the best, especially when it comes to being the best partner.

Sagittarius  Will Also Keep You Laughing And Having Fun!

Some of us prefer to be around light hearted people because it just makes life seem lighter in general. Sagittarius might be the funniest sign. They love to joke around and keep everyone laughing, but they especially love when they are able to make you laugh. Sometimes their jokes come at the expense of others, but their loveable goof ball nature makes it hard to stay mad at them. As fire signs they are also very emotional and passionate so you will never feel unloved from them. They love to vocalize how they feel and show you just how much they care about you. They are also eternal optimists so when you are feeling down they will always be there to show you the light at the end of the tunnel. Their positivity is infectious.

Capricorn Is Ambitious And Will Work Hard For Their Goals – Including You.

Capricorn is the kid in school that starts out being the teachers pet, then goes to be President of the Student Council. Finally they go on to an amazing university and get a great job. They will not stop there till they are at the top of the ladder in their respective fields. They are very disciplined and their passion in life is working towards being successful. They are in the top 3 out of the Zodiac signs for work ethic. While it can seem at times that they are too school / work obsessed they are very dedicated to the people they love. They want to be able to do everything for you and be the best partner they can be for you.

Aquarius Is Very Generous

 The humanitarian of the Zodiac, Aquarius has a huge heart and this makes them a wonderful partner. While they are very independent themselves, they like it and even want other people to depend on them for support and help. They want to be the person that takes care of their partner in every way and meets all their needs. They will share everything with you, down to their very last penny. They do not think of their stuff and money as theirs, rather as both of yours. This makes it easy to build a life with them, especially if you are just generous a person who is also willing to throw everything they have at something with the person they care about.

Pisces Will Shower You With Love And Attention

 Sweet Pisces will want to hold your hand as much as possible. They will not be able to get enough of you or showing you how much they care about you. This does not work for everyone, but if thats your love language than a Pisces would make you very happy. They are such gentle sensitive souls, and while that can be frustrating at times it also means they are very conscious of other peoples feelings and especially their significant others. If they think you are sad they will get sad and try and do anything in their power to cheer you up. Including smothering you in kisses. Their emotional nature makes them very intuitive and sometimes it can feel like they are able to read to your mind. Their just very in tune with their partner and their partners emotions.