This next question comes to me asking if there is Guardian Angels and what are the sings of one if they are near by.

There are various signs that some people believe may indicate the presence of a guardian angel. Some common ones include:
Feeling a sense of comfort or peace in difficult times
Feeling as though you are being watched over or protected
Finding coins or feathers in unexpected places
Hearing comforting whispers or songs that only you can hear
Seeing patterns of numbers that have significant personal meaning to you

The idea of guardian angels is a matter of belief and interpretation, rather than a proven scientific or religious fact. Some people believe in the existence of guardian angels as spiritual beings who watch over and protect individuals, while others do not believe in this concept. Ultimately, the existence of guardian angels is a personal belief and can vary greatly from person to person. For me, being that all of my family have passed on, I believe that they look over me. They help to guide me and I include them in my prayers.

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