Billy, in your world and profession of work, where does heaven exist or does it not? Lorraine G.

Well, Thank You for this Question Lorraine. Heaven is a concept that has been imagined and described differently in many cultures and religious traditions. In Western religions such as Christianity, heaven is often seen as a place of eternal happiness and peace, located in the afterlife. In Eastern religions, such as Hinduism and Buddhism, heaven is sometimes described as a state of mind or a higher level of consciousness.

The exact location of heaven is not specific enough and is often considered to be beyond the physical world and beyond human comprehension. It is often described as a spiritual or celestial realm. This is how I can best describe it. We are simply Infinite in all existence even though we will all shuffle around a bit in different realms and as beings.

To Many, remember, These are beliefs and interpretations, and the existence of heaven is a matter of personal faith and belief. From all of my experiences with readings and losing all of my family, I can share with all of you that We are more then just this living earth form. We have to experience, help, explore, contribute, create and so much more. There is beauty in even the most saddest of struggles and losses. I try to tell others about compassion and being generous to help places in need. I’ve worked soup kitchens on holidays, I give to charities for pets such as the ASPCA and Marty’,  personal rescuers and Toysfortots. So giving back to help others in tough times and emergency needs brings so much riches back to your heart. That is the true Good workings of Heaven.

Thank You for your question!

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Blessings, Billy

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