This New Question asked about crossing over and being at Peace, even if there was physical and mental struggles in the end.

10 ways theres life after death

Religious beliefs
Near-death experiences
Out-of-body experiences
Dreams or visions of deceased loved ones
Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP)
Spirit communication through mediums
Life review during death process
After-death communications
Continuation of consciousness or soul.

People may panic before they die due to fear of the unknown or fear of the pain and suffering that may accompany death. The fear of death is a natural human instinct, and the panic response is a natural physiological response to a perceived threat. Additionally, the panic response may be triggered by physical sensations, such as shortness of breath or chest pain, that are often associated with dying. However, it is important to note that not everyone experiences panic before death, as every person’s experience is unique. I believe as well that some have a quick flashback view of their life and even though as humans nothing will ever be perfect, we wish for great forgiveness for all the wrong we have done and pain we have caused. I tell all friends and clients. We all try to do the best that we can. And when someone leaves “our world” no matter how much hurt someone has caused us or others, they did the best that they could in the human world. When we get that call back home, I believe we surrender and let go just as we do right before surgery.

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