Love and Relationship seems to always be a part of every reading that I do, and for Good reason. See, Love is Nurturing and Energy, an incredible chemically changing process of all living beings. And while there is great love for family, friends and pets, nothing trumps the human need for that one significant other that can give us that stimulation of Touch and Care. How do we explain Love with another? There’s everything from companionship to Intimacy. Love is also an addiction because once you’ve had it, you want more and more of it. You don’t want to lose it. If you are single then you understand what I’m talking about here.

After writing my 2 previous books, “How to Get Your Ex Back” and “How To Survive A Break-up” I found it necessary to round out this Topic of Love with my new book “Finding Your True Love”. If you are Single, then this is the book for you.

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